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Metro: Beyond
  • Welcome to the End. 

    Metro: Beyond is a Post-Nuclear Apocalypse Sci-Fantasy taking place some 27 years after the onset of World War III, and the subsequent Nuclear Holocaust that silenced the whole of the earth. 

    The last remnants of humanity exist by clawing out a life in the deep tunnels of the Moscow Metro system. But even with the collapse, mankind has not gotten over its thirst for blood and war. 

    Both the Fourth Reich and Red Line exist in a constant state of struggle, still waging war. With Red Line leadership destabilized, the Fourth Reich is poised to take over and expand. 

    Caught in the middle, the rest of Metro braces. 

    To begin your journey through Metro and into the wastes beyond we recommend you visit our site Rules and Plot records. Afterwards, we invite you to learn about the various Factions and Creatures, new and old, inhabiting our post-nuclear world. Your next step is Character Creation

    Don't forget to check out our Member Plotter boards! 

    Once your character is built, you're ready to explore the vast darkness of the Moscow Metro - and the wastes Beyond. 

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