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    Alice was around 11 when the bombs dropped pulled into the Metro with her brothers and her aunt and uncle (Red and Violet).

    During a riot early on in her life Alice was separated from her brothers and Red and Violet. She was small and found a place to hide but that didn't get her found. Being ushered out into the Metro her family became lost to her.

    Through the years she started as a pick pocket and eventually, when that wasn't making ends meet she became a prostitute and a person that dealt in secrets to get her meals. She was a prostitute for years before Seth showed up in her life. Now she's a little between jobs at the moment.

  • Possible Plots

    1. Currently anything in Oberon.
    2. Gun training.
    3. I'm planning on converting her into a stalker but this will be a slow process as she hasn't been on the surface a lot so a run in as she starts this process and gives Seth heart attacks will be good.
    4. Pretty open otherwise (capture/randsom, drinking buddies etc).

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  1. Alice Gregory

    Alice nodded to him. "Sounds amazing," she agreed as they moved to head further into the market. Alice was glad to just stretch her legs and be out of a hospital bed.


  2. Alice Gregory

    Alice noted that he avoided the subject of her looks which made her feel even worse in the moment but she nodded to him. "Something with pork.... on sticks would be amazing I think."


  3. Alice Gregory

    "Yes, I'm starving. I can't live on broth forever," she admitted to him as she tucked into him. "Plus I need to eat something so my face will heal and I might look pretty for you again Dorogoy."


  4. Alice Gregory

    "I agree," she glanced at someone that was near them. "We should talk about this later," she said to him.


  5. Alice Gregory

    "Would help us figure things out. I'd like that," she said to him. "I know you've felt it. But the Metro has shifted."


  6. Alice Gregory

    Of course he would know that as an ex-Reich soldier. She smiled to him as she looked to the wares of some of the people to their right. “Well if they didn’t they have access to soldiers that probably did, don’t they?”


  7. Alice Gregory

    Alice nodded. "And being so close to Polis perhaps they would be more accurate," she agreed as they got to the market the smells of food and sweat lingering in the air.


  8. Alice Gregory

    "So have I," she said to him.


  9. Alice Gregory

    "True," she agreed. "Sometimes there are more similarities though."


  10. Alice Gregory

    Alice looked over to him. "I've heard a few things myself but no one seems to have the same story about it."


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