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    Alice was around 11 when the bombs dropped pulled into the Metro with her brothers and her aunt and uncle (Red and Violet).

    During a riot early on in her life Alice was separated from her brothers and Red and Violet. She was small and found a place to hide but that didn't get her found. Being ushered out into the Metro her family became lost to her.

    Through the years she started as a pick pocket and eventually, when that wasn't making ends meet she became a prostitute and a person that dealt in secrets to get her meals. She was a prostitute for years before Seth showed up in her life. Now she's a little between jobs at the moment.

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  1. Alice Gregory

    Alice smiled to him as she closed her eyes again.

    Tonka looked up to him.


  2. Alice Gregory

    "I'm glad too. I'm tired of laying in bed all day, I need something better to do."


  3. Alice Gregory

    Alice tugged him closer to she could curl closer to him. She was still exhausted. Seemed like making another human and being sick took a lot out of a person. "Come here and help me incubate this alien," she muttered to him.


  4. Alice Gregory

    Alice watched their hands for a moment before she looked up to him and then smiled. "I know. I still appreciate it," she said to him. "You are my light."


  5. Alice Gregory

    Alice set her hand on top of his where it rested on her belly. "Thank you for saving me dorogoy," she said to him.


  6. Alice Gregory

    "Maybe not acid blood but tough as shit blood," she agreed.


  7. Alice Gregory

    Alice smiled to him. "Good," she said to him closing her eyes. "Good, then I should be fine," she said to him. "And maybe the alien is too," she said to him.


  8. Alice Gregory

    “Better seeing your face,” she muttered to him.


  9. Alice Gregory

    Tonka couldn't help but laugh.

    "That sounds strangely accurate," came a muttered half grumbled scratchy sound of Alice's voice behind him.


  10. Alice Gregory

    “I’m okay,” having something, or in this case someone, to focus on helped distract her enough from the rest of what had happened. “Dr Brass said you got here just in time,” she said. “She’s not sure it will save the baby but it should save Alice.”


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