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Metro: Beyond

Alice Gregory

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    Alice was around 11 when the bombs dropped pulled into the Metro with her brothers and her aunt and uncle (Red and Violet).

    During a riot early on in her life Alice was separated from her brothers and Red and Violet. She was small and found a place to hide but that didn't get her found. Being ushered out into the Metro her family became lost to her.

    Through the years she started as a pick pocket and eventually, when that wasn't making ends meet she became a prostitute and a person that dealt in secrets to get her meals. She was a prostitute for years before Seth showed up in her life. Now she's a little between jobs at the moment.

  • Possible Plots

    1. Currently anything in Oberon.
    2. Gun training.
    3. I'm planning on converting her into a stalker but this will be a slow process as she hasn't been on the surface a lot so a run in as she starts this process and gives Seth heart attacks will be good.
    4. Pretty open otherwise (capture/randsom, drinking buddies etc).

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