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Asche Malakov
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  1. Asche Malakov

    "How'd that happen? Helping your aunt and uncle?"


  2. Asche Malakov

    "So what do you do for a living in Oberon?" Asche asked. She wasn't entirely clear. Obviously he had some sort of military inspired training, but he clearly wasn't an ordinary guard. 


  3. Asche Malakov

    "Come on," she smiled, "I think I know somewhere we can go." 


  4. Asche Malakov

    "Oh, you're just going to put me on the spot like that hm?" she teased. 


  5. Asche Malakov

    "No. You're on a good track this time," she smiled. 


  6. Asche Malakov

    The corner of Asche's mouth quirked into a gentle smirk, though of a humorous nature, "I can see that, a little," she huffed, "not so great with hints, either." 


  7. Asche Malakov

    "Well at least you're self aware," she smirked. 


  8. Asche Malakov

    "They did. It's no longer a threat." 


  9. Asche Malakov

    "Oreos," Asche smiled, laughing a bit as she nodded in agreement, "I remember because it was my childhood cat's name." 


  10. Asche Malakov

    She smiled and nodded, "That about sums it up." 


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