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  1. Asche Malakov

    "Makes for a cute story now that they're together, though."


  2. Asche Malakov

    "That also seems to be a universal older claim," she answered, just a hint of a teasing smirk curling the corner of her mouth. 


  3. Asche Malakov

    "That seems to be a universal oldest sibling complaint." 


  4. Asche Malakov

    "Ouch. Lot of baby sitting eh?" 


  5. Asche Malakov

    "How much older than them are you?" 


  6. Asche Malakov

    "Oh, well, I suppose I am a little jealous." 


  7. Asche Malakov

    "Pity. I always wanted to go there after seeing the Lord of the Rings movies when I was little." 


  8. Asche Malakov

    "Oh wow. I'd say I'm jealous but I guess you don't remember all that," she laughed. 


  9. Asche Malakov

    "That's okay," she shook her head, "not really any of my business. Just being nosey," she smiled, "so were you an American citizen originally?"


  10. Asche Malakov

    "Bit of an odd career leap," Asche murmured, then shrugged, "bet it's an interesting story."


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