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  1. Asche Malakov

    "Yeah, well, they're not as mean as I am,," Asche said over her shoulder as she left the room, pulling the door shut at her back, 


  2. Asche Malakov

    "I never asked you if it would have value to me. I even said sentimental value was enough," she said as she pushed herself up from the wall, feeling like he was trying to shoo her out anyway, "I wish I remembered what either of my parents looked like," Asche shrugged as she picked up her pack and started for the door, "take care, Damian." 


  3. Asche Malakov

    "Value is just a concept, Damian. What value does a lump of gold really have? It's just a fucking shiny rock. Or the bullets we trade in down here - just metal and gunpowder. At least a photograph of your family has something real behind it, even if its only for you."


  4. Asche Malakov

    "I told you I'd go in if what you needed to find was valuable." 


  5. Asche Malakov

    "You look a lot like your dad," Asche murmured as she leaned back against the wall, "so does your sister, oddly enough. Your brother looks like your mom." 


  6. Asche Malakov

    "Thanks," Asche murmured briefly before she headed toward the door indicated. She knocked softly before easing it open. 

    "Hey," she murmured as she stepped in, "so I managed to find your pack... Well, what was left of it, anyway. I recovered this," she reached into her pocket and pulled out the two bullets, "I don't think you really care but its your money," Asche shrugged as she reached into her vest and remove the photograph, "I did manage to find this, though," she said as she came close enough to let him take it. 

    "Anyway... I just wanted to make sure it actually got back into your hands before I left." 


  7. Asche Malakov

    Asche gave a tilt of her chin and moved on. She navigated in a way, stopped for directions to the station's medical bay, and finally found her way there. 

    "I was told to ask for Dr. Brass," Asche told the nurse that met her at the door, "it isn't urgent. Or if you could just tell me where Damian is, there's no need to bother her." 


  8. Asche Malakov

    "I have something to give to him." 


  9. Asche Malakov

    "You lot wait a damn minute-" Asche started to protest when Damian was carted off. It didn't do any good, though. She ended up having to suck it up and go through the process of being checked out before she was finally allowed to pass into the station. 

    As soon as she was allowed further, Asche went to the man in charge of the gates, "Did they take Damian to the med bay? I need to see him before I go." 


  10. Asche Malakov

    The calling watchmen had Asche working quickly - not that there was much left of the pack to even rummage through. She found two bullets in a fold at the bottom. The shredded remnants of... well, she wasn't sure what. Then, as she reached into an inner pocket, she found the photograph. 

    "Shit," Asche sighed to herself as she looked down at it. No wonder he'd wanted to come back through so badly. 

    Asche tucked the worn photo carefully into one of the inner pockets of her flak vest. The pack itself wasn't worth dragging out. She left it behind as she stole back out to go fetch Damian before the hunting watchmen caught wind of their presence. They were close enough that Asche didn't have any time to give Damian the picture when she got back. 

    "Come on, we gotta move." 


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