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Damian Gregory

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    Lieutenant Guard

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    Damian has had a relatively easy life, or easier than some, in the Metro. Having stuck with his brother, aunt and uncle he was always relatively safely guarded. He blames himself for letting go of his sister's hand and losing her in a riot early in the metro days.

    Growing up with his aunt and uncle he has a high respect for them and currently works as a guard in the Oberon station.

    Damian is reserved and a little uptight.

  • Possible Plots

    • Anything in Oberon from dealing with civil matters to more intense fights as a guard.
    • Having to go on the surface to get items or patrol their local area to help keep it clear of watcher nests and any run-ins with that.
    • Escorts or runs to other stations.
    • I can probably get him to visit Polis to try to see the girl he's interested in so something is possible there.

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  1. Damian Gregory

    Damian nodded. "Sort of amazed they found each other down here through all of it."


  2. Damian Gregory

    “My sister and Seth. They were fucking hellions,” he said. “Thick as thieves when they were really young. But fought all the time.”


  3. Damian Gregory

    "All things considered I think I was a pretty good kid overall. Especially compared to my sister," he said.


  4. Damian Gregory

    "Yeah," he nodded. "A lot of babysitting, a lot of "you should be a better example" lectures," he said.


  5. Damian Gregory

    "Three years older than Derek. 5 older than Seth and Alice," he said.


  6. Damian Gregory

    "You shouldn't be. I was the oldest of all the kids my parents and Aunt Vi and Uncle Red had. So I had a lot of responsibility."


  7. Damian Gregory

    "I traveled there a few times as a small child. Its a beautiful place to go... or was."


  8. Damian Gregory

    "Not really, no," he admitted to her.


  9. Damian Gregory

    "I don't know," he admitted. "According to Aunt Vi I was born in New Zealand," he said to her.


  10. Damian Gregory

    "Yeah," he agreed. "I can ask him and let you know what he says."


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