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  1. Damian Gregory

    "You too Asche," he said giving her a smile. "And watch out for wild bears," he said. "Heard they are mean as fuck," he joked as he moved to return to rubbing his leg looking down at the floor as he said it with a sigh.


  2. Damian Gregory

    "Yeah but value to me isn't value to you," he pointed out. "I appreciate it regardless," he said to her. "It's mostly so I don't forget what they look like."


  3. Damian Gregory

    “Most people wouldn’t find something like this valuable,” he said to her.


  4. Damian Gregory

    “Derek is the more round cheeked of us,” he agreed. They were dead and this was the closest he had of them both. “Certainly glad they were our parents.”


  5. Damian Gregory

    “Thanks,” Damian said with a pained smile. “It’s what I was looking for so I appreciate that you found it,” he said reaching up to scratch at the fresher bandage that was now wrapped around his otherwise bare chest.

    Damian wanted to find an excuse to keep her there a few days but she wanted to get back to Polis and well she had expressed she had no interest in him. He lifted the photo. “Thanks. Stay safe on your way back,” he said. 


  6. Damian Gregory

    Damian gave his leg a last rub of his thumb before he was up and following with her toward Oberon. He didn’t ask because she hadn’t been gone long enough that he figured she even found his pack. So he pushed along as they had before they got to Oberon. 

    It was easy to tell Damian still needed medical and he was a local so he was taken off while Asche was left to be inspected at the gate. 


  7. Damian Gregory

    It would be quiet but tense especially seeing the holes from the bears claws and shoulders as it thrashed about. It would be as she reached the tattered remnants of Damian's pack that she would hear the all too close howl of a watchman.

    As she looked to see if anything was salvageable she'd find what he was worried about. It was a family picture well before the war. Damian couldn't have been much older than ten his parents and siblings were in it and Damian looked a lot like his dad did. Well worn like it had travelled a lot with him.


  8. Damian Gregory

    As she made her way inside to where Damian's pack was in tatters Damian sat down and rubbed his leg to try to relax the muscles a bit from the walk so far. It was fortunate that Oberon and Polis weren't more than a few miles from each other but the things you have to scale to get there, certainly took a toll on someone that was injured like he was. It didn't help that it felt like the company felt obligated to be there.

    Damian scratched at his chest idly as he thought about Asche before he shook the thought out of his head and listened for the bear.


  9. Damian Gregory

    "Fine," he said to her. "But I can't sit around long, it gets stiff if I do," he said limping toward the shop that he could sit in.


  10. Damian Gregory

    Damian frowned at her. "Where are you running off to?" he asked her as he slowed down, thankful for the temporary reprieve from walking.


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