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Damian Gregory

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    Lieutenant Guard

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    Damian has had a relatively easy life, or easier than some, in the Metro. Having stuck with his brother, aunt and uncle he was always relatively safely guarded. He blames himself for letting go of his sister's hand and losing her in a riot early in the metro days.

    Growing up with his aunt and uncle he has a high respect for them and currently works as a guard in the Oberon station.

    Damian is reserved and a little uptight.

  • Possible Plots

    • Anything in Oberon from dealing with civil matters to more intense fights as a guard.
    • Having to go on the surface to get items or patrol their local area to help keep it clear of watcher nests and any run-ins with that.
    • Escorts or runs to other stations.
    • I can probably get him to visit Polis to try to see the girl he's interested in so something is possible there.

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  1. Damian Gregory

    "Pretty much. I was also good at it. Even living in England my dad was a bit of a gun guy. We lived in the middle of no where and so he taught my siblings and I how to use them. I wonder if he was expecting something like this to happen," he admitted.


  2. Damian Gregory

    "I'm just a guard. Something I sort of grew into."


  3. Damian Gregory

    Damian grabbed her bowl and discarded it into the bin for the vendor before he moved to follow her walking beside her when he could.


  4. Damian Gregory

    "I mean it is your station," he pointed out. "Not quite as familiar with it as you are."


  5. Damian Gregory

    Damian chuckled. "Good," he said grinning. "Come on. Lets get out of here and you can show me your favorite spot in the station. I know most people have one."


  6. Damian Gregory

    "Fuck, did I miss another one?"


  7. Damian Gregory

    Damian chuckled. “Less self aware so much as I’ve been told I am awkward. Kind of hard to date don here when there aren’t many people your age and those that are are likely out to get you.”


  8. Damian Gregory

    "Good to hear," he said pausing. "I'm sorry. I know I'm shit at this stuff. Everyone says that I'm a stuck up asshole but I really do like you."


  9. Damian Gregory

    Damian smiled. "Yes those," he said. "I miss even having the chocolate bits," he said. "So did you ever find that bear that attacked us?"


  10. Damian Gregory

    Damian smirked. "I remember the chocolate ones with the white stuff in the middle. My sister would always eat the white stuff and put them back in the package so it wouldn't look like anyone had eaten them," he said with a smirk. "The filling bit was the best part though."


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