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    Joe's father was Mexican Cartel leader visiting Russia. He had brought his kid with him as a sign of good faith negotiations with the Russian mob.

    When the bombs fell he was able to get into the tunnels with Joe and fended for themselves. As she got older he taught her how to survive and fend for herself.

    After he died in a rather brutal demon attack when she was 17 she became a little aimless for a while until she found the Spartans, or more they found her after she kicked a rather frisky Spartans ass. Soon after that she was brought in and has been a part ever since.

    She's brash, smart mouthed and loves her big guns.

  • Possible Plots

    • Anything to do with Polis and being a Spartan.
    • Surface missions to retrieve goods, protect people or investigate reports.
    • Tunnel missions to retrieve goods, protect people or investigate reports.
    • Hanging out with the guys/drinking.
    • Can often be found cleaning her guns.
    • Testing out custom weapons made by Ilia or Chuck.

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  2. Josephine Sousa

    Joe hated when Dagonet was right, she'd never admit that he was or tell him that she took his advice, especially because her dad agreed with him.

    Fucking assholes.

    Putting on her cleanest shirt and pants, brushing her hair so it looked halfway presentable she looked at herself in the cracked and dingy mirror that was about as large as a hand. Well he either liked it or he didn't. She didn't have anything else to wear. Taking in a breath she went to find Solokov. She looked in his normal haunts find him in the armory. "Hey Nerd... I mean Solokov," she said. "you busy?"


  3. Josephine Sousa

    He was lucky he was out the door before she got there because she would have punched him in the shoulder.

    Sighing Joe scratched the back of her neck and headed toward mess to get some warm food.


  4. Josephine Sousa

    Joe rolled her eyes. "I called him nerd boy even before I liked him jack ass and I've done some of the best tactical measures too." Dangerous sometimes like her dad but normally successful.


  5. Josephine Sousa

    Joe smirked and looked up to him. "That's a good point. I just didn't want to demasculate Solokov. I do that enough by just having my dad."


  6. Josephine Sousa

    "Romance princess is a little too sappy for me," she said looking up to him. "But thanks anyways. If he stays oblivious maybe I'll take up Ivanavich up on his advances."


  7. Josephine Sousa

    Joe bumped her shoulder into Dag. "Yeah well I'm sure you can find more than Chuck but do you really want to?"


  8. Josephine Sousa

    "You do realize I'm trying more than just to get laid right? If that's all I was after I've got like three guys that would fuck me stupid."


  9. Josephine Sousa

    Joe looked up to him with an 'uh-huh' look. "Yeah I doubt my nerd would ever get near me again if I fucked a single other person that he knew. Doesn't mean I haven't considered it. I haven't had sex in so long my puta is starting to get cob webs. I can sometimes hear echoes when people speak because it's just an empty cave.


  10. Josephine Sousa

    "What do you expect? The world has changed but humanity hasn't," she advised him. It was a common phrase her dad would say to her. "Plus a girl needs to get laid every now and again. I don't know when a mutant will make it my last day in this hell hole. I'd fuck someone else but I think that'd just royally fuck up my chances with my nerd."


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