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Metro: Beyond

Josephine Sousa

Rangers of the Order
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    Joe's father was Mexican Cartel leader visiting Russia. He had brought his kid with him as a sign of good faith negotiations with the Russian mob.

    When the bombs fell he was able to get into the tunnels with Joe and fended for themselves. As she got older he taught her how to survive and fend for herself.

    After he died in a rather brutal demon attack when she was 17 she became a little aimless for a while until she found the Spartans, or more they found her after she kicked a rather frisky Spartans ass. Soon after that she was brought in and has been a part ever since.

    She's brash, smart mouthed and loves her big guns.

  • Possible Plots

    • Anything to do with Polis and being a Spartan.
    • Surface missions to retrieve goods, protect people or investigate reports.
    • Tunnel missions to retrieve goods, protect people or investigate reports.
    • Hanging out with the guys/drinking.
    • Can often be found cleaning her guns.
    • Testing out custom weapons made by Ilia or Chuck.

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