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  1. Dagonet Marcianus

    Chapter One - Sound of Winter 

  2. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Dagonet," he said as he shook her hand, "most just call me Dag. So what's the grumpy bastard up to these days?" 


  3. Dagonet Marcianus

    "I couldn't tell you for sure what he moved onto," Dag shrugged. He didn't say it, but it wouldn't have surprised him to learn the man had turned to marauding for a living, "His name was Zhao," he said - albeit his thick accent altered the pronunciation. 


  4. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Demarz, eh?" he arched a brow faintly, "knew a guy by that name years ago. Back before the war. We served together for a while." 


  5. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Contrary to the popular belief, I can be pleasant when I want to be," he smirked, laughing softly. 


  6. Dagonet Marcianus

    "I don't think there's a man down here that would be opposed," Dag chuckled as he settled in one of the more comfortable chairs. 


  7. Dagonet Marcianus

    Dag initially interpreted her actions as moving on with her night, up until she was standing beside him. He eyed her as her hand traced his arm, giving an amused huff with the offer. No wonder this place was popular among the men. 

    He knocked back the last finger in his glass, standing to follow just out of curiosity. 


  8. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Officer," he answered with a half smile, "been with the Spartan Order since they were first formed." 


  9. Dagonet Marcianus

    Dag huffed softly with amusement as he took a drag from his glass. The booze was harsh, but strong. He already felt the buzz beginning to creep in as he watched the shapely woman turn away to serve another customer. It was no wonder so many of his men frequented the place. 


  10. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Well damn. Might have started frequenting the place a lot sooner if I'd known that," he joked, smirking as he looked her in the eye. She was a rare kind of beauty, here in the desolate underground of Moscow. The sight of her brought back memories from a youth of debauchery, "I'm a soldier. Since even before the last war," he clarified with a half smile, "all I'm good for at this point." 


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