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  1. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Alright," he muttered, kissing the back of her neck. It was a compromise he didn't want to make, but one he knew he needed to. 


  2. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Within reason," he muttered, "no unnecessary risks" 



  3. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Just enjoy it," he murmured against her ear, hand sliding across her stomach as she pulled her shirt up, "let me do the worrying." 


  4. Dagonet Marcianus

    "Well we've rarely been entirely careless," he murmured.


  5. Dagonet Marcianus

    "I love you too, baby."


  6. Dagonet Marcianus

    They got settled, Dag adjusting briefly and then going still so Charlotte could settle. Once she did he pressed a kiss to the top of her head, beginning to trace his fingertips against her arm. 


  7. Dagonet Marcianus

    "They'll come find me if they need me," Dag said, releasing her so he could get up off the bench and pull her up too. 


  8. Dagonet Marcianus

    "You've got a pretty good one," Dag agreed, "you hinting you want to move back to the bed?" 


  9. Dagonet Marcianus

    "I think that just comes with the condition," he kissed the side of her head, "it shouldn't be a constant thing, though. Some days will be better than others." 


  10. Dagonet Marcianus

    "A large population of them would certainly put a damper on things," he smiled, sliding his arms around her and rubbing her back gently. 


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