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  1. Kaella Corvus

    There was a little more room this time now that they weren't confined to a sleeping roll. Kae used it to explore a little further and see what felt good as they slowly began to ramp up.


  2. Kaella Corvus

    She didn't weigh much and hardly ever drank, so the vodka was already having a warm and fuzzy effect. Kae took a final swig before pulling back, just enough to set the bottle aside on makeshift nightstand. A moment later she had peeled off her shirt and discarded it to expose more of herself to his touch, "Don't stop," she muttered, ducking her head to kiss the back of his jaw and nibble at his earlobe. 


  3. Kaella Corvus

    Kae set her hand against his neck, slowly pushing her fingers up into his hair and taking a swig from the bottle as he kissed her neck. She hummed softly as his lips hit a particularly pleasant spot on her neck. Her fingers tightened in his hair and she rubbed her cheek against him, enjoying the rough feel of his beard against her skin. 


  4. Kaella Corvus

    She yelped a little at first, caught of guard by the tug. But she didn't resist, wrapping her free arm around his neck and grinning as she settled. Kae leaned in to give him a quick kiss. This was easier than talking, anyway. 


  5. Kaella Corvus

    She probably could have read into that a little more, but Kae chose not to. Instead she rummaged in her pack a moment before producing a small bottle of vodka she picked up on the way back. 

    Rare treat, while she only had herself to use her money for. She unscrewed the cap and took a swig before offering it to him. 


  6. Kaella Corvus

    "Never can tell what to expect  from people," she agreed with a wry smile.


  7. Kaella Corvus

    "The tunnels feel more secure. Only so .any directions danger can approach from."


  8. Kaella Corvus

    "I don't really remember ever living anywhere else," she shrugged, "it's like stepping into another world up there."


  9. Kaella Corvus

    "No surface travel this time."


  10. Kaella Corvus

    "Hey," she smiled as she stepped in, hair still damp and in fresh clothes, "managed to find another gig for tomorrow."



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