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  1. Kaella Corvus

    She gripped her thighs against his waist as he stood, helping to support herself. She didn't release the hold once he'd set her down, instead tightening her legs to draw him in closer as she began to gather his shirt into her palms and drag it up his torso. 


  2. Kaella Corvus

    She dug her nails into his shoulder through his shirt as the kiss intensified. Then she pulled back just enough to give his a swift, sharp bite as his palm reached her breast. 


  3. Kaella Corvus

    Kae drew one of her hands around to run against his chest and shoulder. She pressed into him as much as she could given her position and ground her hips against him.


  4. Kaella Corvus

    Kae grinned and set her project aside, sliding off the bed to join him. She wound her arms around his neck as she slid into his lap, giving him a kiss as she settled. 


  5. Kaella Corvus

    "I trust you too," she smiled, "you frustrate me sometimes but I like being with you." 


  6. Kaella Corvus

    That made her smile, "You absolutely are not good at it," she laughed softly, "you know it's okay to talk sometimes. It will stay with me." 


  7. Kaella Corvus

    "That isn't what I said," she frowned, "this is just the first indication that you've thought about a future for us, not just a little extra warmth in bed." 


  8. Kaella Corvus

    "You'd really want to?" 


  9. Kaella Corvus

    "Living in Polis would be nice," she said a little wistfully. It was the safest station in all of the metro, and the best supplied. And for those reasons, difficult to gain citizenship to. 


  10. Kaella Corvus

    "Well obviously I don't dislike you," she gave a half smile. 


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