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    The daughter of an important Red Line official, Rusalka was always protected from the worst elements of metro life. She wasn't hungry or in danger growing up, and received a solid education. The downside was that she didn't get out much, and her interests (ranging from Marxist theory to mutant biology) are fairly niche. She isn't excellent at communicating with other people. But that never mattered; she was her father's daughter and that was that.

    Sheltered as she was, with the potential political value of her family, it wasn't strange that the quiet, intellectual girl had a marriage set up for her. The event was low on fanfare and fuss, and Rusalka was hopeful... but she barely knew the man. And it couldn't have happened at a worse time. The marriage was less than a week old when the final nail closed the Red Line's coffin.

    When the Red Line's government collapsed, everything Rusalka ever knew was thrown into a state of disarray. Her family is now either dead or in hiding, and the girl who seldom left her quiet, bookish life now has to navigate survival with a near-stranger as her only ally.

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