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    Stolen as an infant from her parents, Sofka Vladimirov knows no life outside the one provided to her by the Great Worm Cult. She also doesn’t know what the world was like before beyond the ruins, having been born five years after the war. As she grew older, she was told that her parents gave her up willingly, and this has instilled a deep hatred for those unknown individuals, one that drives Sofka to seek them out for the sole purpose of ending their lives and consuming them. It's this desire for revenge that made her a scout for the cult. Indoctrinated into their beliefs, Sofka actively seeks out the weaker individuals that exist both inside and out of collapsed tunnel near Kiyevskaya Station. 

    Sofka might have grown to be a nice, respectful young lady if she'd been raised by her parents, but the cult has twisted her into something cold and heartless--with the exception of one person: a boy she considers her brother. When Dimi was found and taken in by the cult, Sofka treated him hatefully. She enjoyed the favor sprinkled upon her by her new parents, so when they took in another child, she felt immense jealousy.

    Over time, Sofka finally accepted Dimi, often protecting and shielding him from danger. When it came to their meals, she often let him feast first, instead opting to eat the parts of he didn't like. The two traveled together often, seeking supplies and fresh bodies--normally those wounded and left behind. Until Dimi vanished. Sofka searched and searched for him to no avail, finally returning home to deliver the news to those that had taken her in.

    As time passed, Sofka's hurt began to heal, and she returned to her normal duties, living and breathing the doctrine of the Great Worm Cult.

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