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  1. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    They wandered around for a while until a sign caught his attention, "That sounds right," he answered, indicating the sign where a vendor had a grill cart covered with sizzling kabobs. They fell into line and waited as the mouth watering smell filtered around them.


  2. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Tonka found a vendor that makes a really good Shashlik. Let's see if they're in the market." 


  3. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Well let's see what we can sniff out then," he answered, tightening his arm around her. He felt like he should have said something to reassure her, that she was still attractive to him - but he couldn't think of anything that wouldn't sound disingenuous to her. Then he thought about it too long, and it was too late to speak without sounding awkward so he just let it go. 


  4. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Probably a good idea. You wanna find something to eat real quick?"


  5. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Something is changing. Doesn't seem for the better."


  6. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Seems like it, right?" he gave a nod, "I'll track them down and try to find out later." 


  7. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "I can't imagine my folks don't know Miller," he nodded in agreement, "Oberon has always been a sort of unofficial satellite station to Polis. As much as The Order's troops are in and out of here they've had to have interacted with him in the past." 


    00c: thought I was waiting on you, sorry lol

  8. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Guess it's just more reason to track Red down. He probably keeps a good track of the news and rumors that come through here." 


  9. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "I have heard people saying no one seems to have seen Miller in a suspiciously long time."


  10. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "No. But when do they ever, down here?" 


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