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Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

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Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

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  1. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "I have heard people saying no one seems to have seen Miller in a suspiciously long time."


  2. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "No. But when do they ever, down here?" 


  3. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Could be," he agreed, "but either way I don't know. I have heard some rumblings about changes between Polis and The Order." 


  4. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "I remember hearing about a group of Spartans going rogue and being driven out." 


  5. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "I haven't heard anything about anyone trying to live on the surface," he shook his head once. 


  6. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Who knows. Maybe some day we'll figure out a way to live on the surface again." 


  7. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "You have to applaud the resourcefulness of the human race, though."


  8. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "It's not like we have any shortages on jobs that need to be done," he smiled as they walked. 


  9. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Not these days," he shook his head, "but still... she'd probably love learning to work on the generators and airlocks." 


  10. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Eh..." he hesitated a moment, "She's already really good at fixing things. I think what she really wants is to learn more about building things." 


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