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Metro: Beyond

Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

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  • Wolf of the Wasteland

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    Seth "Aleksandr" Redford
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    Jon Bernthal
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    Oberon Refugee
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    As a child, Seth was a United States expat stranded by the war. With their parents missing, and abandoned by guardians, he raised his younger siblings in a small station for the first few years until the Reich overtook. He created Russian aliases for himself and siblings before being conscripted into the Reich. 

    Eventually Seth, known at that point as Aleksander, and his brother "Sergei" were able to smuggle their sister out and flee the Reich.  They traveled to Oberon together, picking up Seth's lover along the way, and ultimately parted ways with Sergei. 

    At present Seth is in Polis with the rest of the Oberon refugees. 


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