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Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

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  1. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Well, I guess I taught you well then," Seth chuckled as he settled in with Alice. 


  2. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Night, little sister. And thanks for looking after Ally for me. Even if I'm a little afraid to know what stories you told her." 


  3. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Alright," he nodded once, "I'm gonna catch a little rest. It's been a long day. There's a clip of bullets in my flak vest if you need to get food or anything else," Seth told her, indicating where he'd discarded it in a corner earlier. 


  4. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Well, I guess you won't know until you talk to him. But the Red I remember... there was never any question about him being upset with you. He made sure you knew. " 

    It had been a long, long time since then of course. Red had probably chanced quite a bit from the man Seth remembered. Still, it was hard to envision that he'd changed that much. 


  5. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Nah," Seth shook his head once, "I really don't think yelling would be enough to upset Red... At least, not unless you were yelling something offensive at mom," he gave a crooked smile as he said it, "Red was military and he came from a loud family to begin with. As far as he's concerned, hollering is a perfectly normal and acceptable means of communication." 


  6. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "It's your call... Though I reckon we might not be there much longer. The folks might bring us closer to them."


  7. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Don't take that the wrong way," Seth gave his sister a smile when he caught her eye, "we don't mind you in here. Actually, I was going to ask if you wanted to move over with me and Alice, then I realized this is the first time you've ever had a space all to yourself.. It's up to you, but I thought since we'll be just a wall away that you might prefer the privacy." 


  8. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Yeah. I'm sure Tonka will be happy to get out of the med bay finally too," he laughed softly, "the beds back in our little shack may be small but they're comfortable." 


  9. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    Seth smiled as he let her pull him down. There was a bit of an awkward adjustment at first because of the tight space, but he was soon settled against her, "You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you perking back up," he murmured as he reached to push a strand of hair gently from her cheek, mindful of the still healing cuts.


  10. Seth "Aleksandr" Redford

    "Yeah. You're mine too, dorogaya." 


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