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    Maya nodded to him as she moved around him to hurry over to the room with him in a toe.

    Maya moved over to Alice who was sitting there in the puddle of blood. Maya started with checking her pulse before having her lay back and checking her her abdomen before she gave a sigh. “You’re fine,” Maya assured them both. “You’ve lost the baby, which would explain the fever.”

    ”You’re going to have an intense menstrual cycle but you’ll be fine. I’m sorry for your loss,” she said.


  3. Maya Brass

    Maya yawned as Seth came running up to her.  “What’s the matter?” She asked him as he came to a halt.


  4. Maya Brass

    "I'm sorry. We'll continue to do everything we can for as long as we can," she said to him before she took a step back and moved to go to her next patient.


  5. Maya Brass

    "A few days. It'd be cutting it close in three but if she's as strong as she seems it might be effective up to five days from now but no guarantees," she shook her head. "Anything more than that and the chances she'll survive just start to to dwindle," and they'd be wasting resources just trying to keep her alive but she didn't figure Seth needed to know that, it was a conversation for Violet and Red.


  6. Maya Brass

    Maya nodded to him yes. "Her best option is the only one we don't have," she shook her head.


  7. Maya Brass

    Maya wanted to be gentle but she was more known for being honest so she shook her head no. "We figured out today why the treatment's not working," she explained. "She's pregnant and the only option from here is to terminate the pregnancy and see if the treatment starts to work but its dangerous. It's not like she can just take a pill like before," she said mentioning the old world. "Or we need Prussian blue. At this point I recommend terminating but it has a risk that equals waiting to get Prussian blue. The odds aren't good either way and terminating doesn't guarantee that she won't need the Prussian blue anyways," she added.


  8. Maya Brass

    It was about then that the knock came to the door and Maya stepped inside and gave them all a smile. She moved over to check on Alice. She took a thorough amount of time which just seemed to get longer and longer every time she came in.

    Glancing to Tonka she looked up to Seth. "I need to talk to you outside," she said to him as she walked past him to go back into the hall.


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