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  1. Kalcoria Zhao

    She nodded at that, a fond smile pulling at her lips. "Yup, that'd be the grumpy bastard brother of mine." She held out a hand. "I'm Kalcoria."


  2. Kalcoria Zhao

    She blinks in surprise at that. "Yeah? Surly asian, kind of a dick, moved on to stalking after leaving service?"


  3. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal smirked slightly at that, considering him for a moment as though doubtful. "Well so far it seems that way. You're a damn sight more pleasant than most of the men who come in if that counts. They think when they pay they don't have to be polite." She snorted softly. "But I'm used to that. Between here and Demarz being generally an unpleasant grump." She laughed softly, the latter being said mostly off-hand to herself.


  4. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal grinned at him broadly, a light, pleased blush dusting her cheeks ever so slightly. "Well aren't you quite the flatterer." She handed him the filled glass, setting her own and the bottle down on the table beside his chair before dragging her own chair over in front of his. She drug it rather close then slumped down on it, slipping her feet out of her shoes and resting them on the arm of his chair. "Don't worry, I have clean feet, but if it bothers you I'll move them." 


  5. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal led them up the stairs to a classy little parlor. The VIP room. It had its own small bar, a small stage and pole, along with several comfortable chairs and couches. "Welcome to the VIP Room, Mr. Officer." She smiled warmly at him, wandering over to the bar while another girl silently followed them into the room and took up dancing in there, quiet as a mouse. Kal leaned over the front of the bar to snatch up two glasses before strutting back to the Spartan with a quirk of her lips, indicating he could pick where to sit. "Hope you're not opposed to my company." It wasn't so much a question and was said with some playful innuendo.


  6. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal smiled broadly at that, pushing off from the wall behind her gracefully. She moved over to the bar, grabbing two full bottles of the good hooch before walking around the bar towards him. She paused beside him, her short stature obvious next to him even though he was sitting and smiled warmly, trailing her empty hand up his arm softly to get his attention. "Come with me, Mr. Officer. You deserve a better environment then this. The Boss appreciates the Order and everything they do. Follow me." She smirked softly at him before strutting away, hips swinging maybe a little more than usual.


  7. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal leaned back against the wall behind her, arms crossed gently across her chest and head tilted to the side as she studied the handsome warrior before her. "So, Mr. Soldier. You an enlisted man or an officer?"


  8. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal tipped him a wink, eyes shining brightly in the gloom. "Well shit. I guess I should've put out some posters of my face." She snorted playfully at the thought. "Well you're here now. That's all that matters. But you make me wonder if I should've taken up soldiering if they're all as easy on the eyes as you" She considered him briefly as  she turned to serve one of the regulars.


  9. Kalcoria Zhao

    Kal nodded, pouring them both another generous amount before leaning on the bar, staring at the drink she held before her eyes in contemplation. "Honestly I've been here since the place opened. I was the first girl." She smile at him, a warm, genuine grin. "This place is my home now. It didn't start out that way, but that's how it ended up. What do you do for a living?"


  10. Kalcoria Zhao

    She shot him a cheeky grin, tilting the bottle in question as to whether or not he was ready for another. "Well we'll see about that. Want me to have a dancer sent over for you?"


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