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Children of the Forest
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Nokomis Atwood
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  1. Nokomis Atwood

    Nokomis, here, is a teacher for the Pioneer subfaction of the Children of the Forest. She may seem like a frosty, stone-cold bitch but what lies beneath the surface is so much more than that. The truth of the matter - simply put - is that she is fiercely protective of those that she has mentored and is certainly protective over her makeshift family, overall. She doesn't really support the division between the "subfactions" but understands its necessity and refuses to condone what the Pirates have been doing. If it was up to her, she'd find a way to hit reset. Because she can't, however, she will simply settle for watching the world burn around her and when all else fails, she can't say she didn't try. She could use pretty much everything but as far as deep, meaningful connections go... try not to count on it. She keeps her distance, both emotionally and physically, and with damned good reason. 

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