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  1. Danae Chekov

    Danny studied the woman before her with sharper interest now. Interesting. She grinned at her, nodding her head slightly. "Good point. I know today I certainly didn't. I'm Danae, though people call me Danny." 


  2. Danae Chekov

    She couldn't help the snort and chuckle that followed the woman's words. She grinned broadly, and smugly, as she shoved her hands into her pockets. "Okay. Touché." She stared up at the woman curiously. "So why you playing canary and perched up there, little bird?"


  3. Danae Chekov

    Danny congratulated herself mentally on not shrieking like a banshee and flailing about as a voice sounded directly above her head and close. Her current... affliction, however, prevented her from stopping an involuntary twitching and tensing completely.


    She quickly whipped her head backwards, viewing a pretty young woman above her. The fact that the angle made the view upside down made her frown somewhat and she righted herself with as much dignity as she could muster as she turned and looked up. A slow smirk graced her lips as she looked her up and down. "You could say that. My friends here are apparently barbarians with the rot-gut they drink."


  4. Danae Chekov

    Danny wandered aimlessly through the crowd, seemingly uncaring, but her sharp eyes scanned the faces around her with concealed interest. Danny was on one of her recruitment missions, hoping to find a pretty woman who was looking for something new.


    This trip had been a busy in that regard, but she'd caught up with a few of her old pals the night before and was now regretting it. Her head throbbed lightly, the lights hurt her eyes, and her mouth had that unpleasant taste like a rat had crawled in it and died. She had only herself to blame however. With a grunt she wandered back over to one of the stacks of boxes and leaned against it with a grunt, closing her eyes and rubbing them wearily.

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