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    Smirnov remembers when the bombs dropped. He was 13. His parents were a member of the upper class. Smirnov was to live the high life, but it was that he hated the most about home. His sheltering made him feel trapped. When he could sneak out he found himself deep in a gambling racket. When he wasn't forced into events by his parents he was running the streets like a thug. Then it all changed when the bombs dropped. His family never turned up in the metro. Smirnov wasn't for sure if this was a blessing or a curse. With no one to turn to he was alone in the mass of people huddled in the stations. He would live like this for 5 years, until he got the opportunity to leave the stations. The need for people who could disappear and not completely be an impact if they went missing. Smirnov broke free from his chains when he left the metro. Even if it was dangerous. He could finally be the person he was. After his first few mission being a success he finally got a permanent position of being a messenger between stations and a scavenger in the down time. 

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