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Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

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Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

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  1. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford


  2. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    "She's family," she said to him. "I will always look out after family."


  3. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    "Night big brother," she said to him as she got settled near the pack herself.


  4. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    Tonka nodded. “I might do that in a while then,” she didn’t know he wasn’t in the station. 


  5. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    Tonka smiled to him. "I think me yelling to get him away after Richie left is the same thing as yelling at his wife."


  6. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    "I kind of really like Red," she said to him. "I think he might be upset with me though. After I yelled at him."


  7. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    Tonka hadn't been back to quarters since Richie left. "I'll think about it," she said.


  8. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    "Then it must be a conspiracy," she said to him. "Because we're not all crazy."


  9. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    "I think you only think that because it comes in droves in your direction," she said to him.


  10. Tonka "Tatiana" Redford

    "That's because you attract the crazies," Tonka said teasingly.


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