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Metro: Beyond

Mikhail "Misha" Turgenev


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    Aleksandr Kayandovskiy
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    Born in October of 2005, Mikhail "Misha" Turgenev was almost 9 when the world ended and his family sought shelter in the Metro at Mendeleyevskaya, a station that would later become part of Hansa. Over the next twenty years, Misha would live the life more or less expected of someone living in the Moscow metro, taking care of pigs and chickens, and farming mushrooms all the while Mendeleyevskaya continued to slowly flood. Despite the circumstances and despite knowing how lucky he was to live in a Hansa station, Misha continued to dream of going back to the surface, by 2021 he would begin to save up all the bullets he could, buying his first Kalash in 2023, and by 2025 he bought a radiation suit. In 2026 he was finally prepared to go on his first trip to the surface. Despite nearly being carried off by a demon, nearly eaten alive by watchmen soon after and losing most of what he had scavenged, Misha returned back to Mendeleyevskaya happier then he ever had been since before the war, and despite protests from his parents who wanted something of a regular life for him he would continue to be a stalker for Mendeleyevskaya. By 2029 the station was still falling apart and flooding, and  his parents were dead from a tuberculosis outbreak, due to this he decided it was time to move on, he would begin to become a freelance stalker, working at and for numerous stations and parties all along the ring line, heading further south with each job and by late 2029 he would take up residence at another Hansa station, this time in the south; Serpukhovskaya. 

    Ever since moving to the station, Misha has been continuing his career as a stalker, as well as getting involved with the more shaddy elements of those in the southern portion of Hansa. 

    He would meet one of these shaddy elements in the summer of 2031, when he met a former guard from the Arbat Confederation named Gregory "Grischa" Blok, an elderly man who had made numerous connections with the black market in various stations in Moscow and it's many gang controlled stations as well, and would be one of the many reasons for Misha's continued descent into the metro's criminal underworld. 

    Misha and Grischa would become partners for a few years, moving between the Arbat Confederation and Serpukhovskaya constantly, taking numerous stalking jobs and moving their goods through Hansa and occasionally into parts of the Redline, such as the armory but the two would mostly stick to either Hansa, Polis (very rarely) or other independent stations, it was in early 2036, at the independent station of Savelovskaya that the two partners would meet a redline refugee who had survived a protest gone wrong in 2035, a woman named Yekaterina Antipina, otherwise known as Katya; who much like Grischa, would continue to get Misha into trouble with authorities. 


  • Possible Plots

    Possible Plot 1 Trapped in the dead city: In a mission gone wrong, Misha has been trapped in the dead city, running low on filters and with the radiation beginning to damage his suit it is a race against time to get back to Serpukhovskaya, all the while trying to find ways to not get eaten or run out of clean air, or go insane from the ghosts in the city. Along the way he will meet other Stalkers in the city who either might help or impede his attempt to escape.

    .(More to come maybe?)

    Possible Plot 3: Deal Gone Wrong (Something of a sequel (both literally and thematically) to Trapped in the Dead City for those interested) The stations around the southern portion of Hansa such as Katay-Gorod, Venice and the stations between Shabolovskaya and Novye Cheremushki are all known throughout the metro for being the center of crime, controlled by numerous bandit gangs, kingpins, drug and weapon dealers, smugglers and other members of the criminal underworld, any upstanding citizen of Hansa would never, officially, be caught dead here. Unofficially is another story. Hansa is quite lassie-faire when it comes to how money is made, some take this more literally, such as Misha and Misha has been offered the chance of a lifetime by an old friend of his to make some medicine from Oktyabraskaya disappear and to find its way to some Shabolovskaya. As expected not everything goes according to plan and Misha must shoot his way out of the technical tunnels where the deal was taking place and make his way back home, avoiding the authorities and the bandits trying to find him.


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