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Metro: Beyond

Gregory "Grischa" Blok


About Gregory "Grischa" Blok

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    Gregory "Grischa" Blok
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    Andrey Smirnov
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    Born in 1984, Gregory "Grischa" Blok is one of the oldest men from his home station of Arbatskaya, one of the four stations making up a small faction known as the Arbat Confederation, a small collection of stations to the west of Polis. For most of his time underground, Grischa has served as a guard for him home but by his late forties he was getting too old for that. Not wanting to spend his last decades rotting away at Arbatskaya Grischa volunteered to help scout out parts of the regular metro tunnels and the technical tunnels within them and made a decent living doing so but mostly he prefered the freedom to explore. At some point in the summer of 2031 he met a Stalker known as Mikhail "Misha" Turgenev and the two became friends and on certain occasions partners during Grischa's explorations in the metro tunnels.

    It was also through Misha that Gregory became involved in some of the more shady and dangerous parts of the Metro and the surface respectively, going into stations and tunnels where bandits ruled and parts of the surface that few would ever dare go to unless absolutely desperate such as The Dead City. 

  • Possible Plots

    Anything involving my other character Misha. 

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