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Metro: Beyond

Yekaterina "Katya" Antipina

Red Line

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    Evgeniya Malahova
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    Red Line Refugee. Stalker Assistant. Mushroom Farmer.
  • Character Information

    Born almost exactly one year after the war, in July of 2014, Yekaterina (Katya to her friends) was born at the (originally) independent station of Okhotny Ryad, later renamed as Marx Prospect in 2023. Over the next few years Katya would become one of the first citizens of the Red Line as it began to expand from the neighboring stations before taking over hers. 

    While not an true or die hard communist she no doubt knew that keeping up such an appearance would keep her from being arrested, shot, or worse being sent to Lubyanka station and never being seen again. For most of her life she worked as an assistant to her parents at the stations farm.

    While she spent most of her life at her home station, right next store lay the transition to The Theater, then still a semi-independent station reliant on the Red Line for protection. She would, on rare occasions, either sneak through vents near the transition to see the shows, or if she had made some money, bribe her way in. While she had considered leaving the farm to become an actress fate would have other plans.

    In 2034 the Red Line was preparing for war with The Nazis, Hansa, as well as The Order, over the contents of the D6 Bunker complex, during this time security forces began to crack down on the people and Katya would begin to look for ways to get as far from the Red Line as possible. She had began to hear rumors of a man in Kuznetsky Most, otherwise known as The Armory, who helped people escape to independent stations, a man who was known as Andrew The Blacksmith.

    For months those would just remain rumors, by September of 2035 the Redline had began to fracture. A station at the northern end of the line had rebelled, and being reconquered all within months, a terrorist group known as the revolutionaries attacked the Redline more frequently, and now a type of fungus had infested the farms along most of the line, leading to an immense famine the leaders seemed reluctant to address for reasons only they knew. Eventually a line-wide march occured as the hungry began to protest and march towards the capital of the redline, demanding food. Katya had more or less be dragged along, and during the march the Redline, with ammunition from The Order, tried to stop the protests. Eventually, for reasons still debated upon, The Redline opened fire on the protesters and a stampede occured. During the chaos, Katya had gotten away and ran down a tunnel, away from the carnage. It did not take her long to get lost, and despite a fear of bandits and mutants and Marx only knew what else, Katya continued on, hoping she'd find another human eventually. About a day later after nearly non-stop walking, she was stopped by rubble. The side tunnel she had taken had lead her north to some tunnels the Hansa had collapsed early on in the metro's history. She was beginning to debate whether to return to the Redline when she noticed a door along the tunnel walls. She had seen many like it during her journey, most of the time rusted away or barricaded, but all had lead to technical and maintenance tunnels and rooms from the Metro's time as a regular subway system. The door here though looked normal, no rust, and it looked normally maintained, there was even an active light next to it but the bulb was beginning to die. Figuring she had nothing to lose, and that the electrical power had to be kept on by someone, Katya opened the door and began her journey down the technical tunnel.  Much like the tunnel that lead her away from the massacre She would wander this tunnel for sometime noticing how oddly peaceful and clean it was for a supposedly normal metro tunnel, and eventually, after around two days of walking, resting in awkward places and going hungry she would arrive at an exit. 

    Upon opening this door she was shocked to find she had wandered directly into an inhabited station, the powerful lights almost blinding her as she went in. She had found herself at Savelovskaya, one of the few independent stations northwest of Hansa. 

    She wandered into the station, and after some odd looks from the residence she asked if she was allowed in, being a free station they agreed, knowing she was merely a wanderer and no one from any faction. After about a week of being homeless, Katya managed to get a job once more working on a mushroom farm for her station, while she was still technically homeless she figured that sleeping on the cold floor of stations farm was better than sleeping in a tunnel.

    Her life would continue on as normal, she even managed to have a few good days and save some money to regularly rent a small tent near the stations bar/restaurant that she would occasionally use if she had enough money. It was during one of these occasions she would overhear the conversation of two Stalkers who had stopped to trade at the station. At first she was merely listening in out of boredom, but soon the conversation began to truly interest her. 

    "They said no one really uses that door, some of them think its cursed." One of them, the youngest of the two, muttered.

    "And the others? You said some." The old man replied.

    "Some know, I'd assume so anyway. Even those who don't think its cursed still don't like it." The younger man explained before looking around and then whispering to his older companion: "There's alot of believers of The Invisible Watchers here, they think that tunnel leads to D6. But no one mentioned any Rangers coming in through it, so I doubt that. A few think it leads directly to Emerald City." The young man continued and his older companion chuckled.

    "Emerald City?--You believe in fairy tales now, Misha?" The old man asked and Misha shook his head.
    "No, Grischa, I don't but we both know there's a slight amount of truth to that 'fairy tale'. There's been sightings of people near the University. It can't be a coincidence!" Misha whispered back angrily.

    "Mutated humans...not people." The old man corrected Misha. "You know as well as I do there is nothing human that far south west. That area got hit, not just by some little warhead, but directly, by an actual nuke! Those stations under the university may not have been hit directly but they're probably just as radioactive as if they were on the surface." 

    "And yet there's people, these weren't mutants, word has it they had some really advanced suits on, and guns in their hands!" Misha shot back quietly. "If the rumors are true there's alot more of Metro-2 near there. People who have medicine, food and water, and loyalty to none of the factions, and probably no real contacts on the outside. If we got in we'd be--"

    "We'd be cooked to a crisp before we even got anywhere near there."

    "Not if we take that tunnel!" Misha whispered. 

    "The long abandoned tunnel?" Grischa asked sarcastically and Misha waved him off.

    "Even if it doesn't lead to Emerald City or any other part of Metro-2, it might be worth a look. Could be something to salvage in there, no one looted it from what I've been told." Misha said.

    "Maybe, what did you hear?" The old man asked.

    "Not much...supposedly some girl came crawling out of the tunnel that has that door in it, no one is sure if she came out of it directly or came crawling out of one of the stations further up the line. Everyone says those are abandoned but that's debatable from what I've heard." Misha explained.

    "It's probably bullshit--some girl comes running out of the tunnels and directly into the station. What's next she immediately fell for the first guard in the tunnel she saw?" Grischa chuckled and finished his food.

    "No, from what I heard it looked like she had been through hell. I heard she works somewhere around here but I never got a name." Misha said and Grischa continued to find some excuse for why the story was unreliable but agreed to check the tunnel out with Misha by now Katya had to fight every urge to speak up. She had only heard rumors of Emerald City, hushed whispers of it, how the most southern stations of the Redline had fought it, and how the relatives of friends in the earliest days of the Redline had been arrested for speaking about it. There had to be something there....something better than farming mushrooms, or sleeping on a cold floor. Something better than this! 

    Later that night the Stalkers left the station, and went off into the tunnels despite the warnings of large mutant rats nearby from the guards. They eventually found the door and headed inside, but stopped when they heard footsteps behind them.

    Despite nearly getting shot that was when Katya had began her life with these Stalkers. She would lead them through the tunnel a few days later to the Redline which was too busy still dealing with the internal issues to notice or care about the mysterious tunnel. Eventually the trio would begin to work out of various stations in the southern portion of Hansa but Katya would continue to dig up any info she could on Metro-2 and Emerald City, vowing to one day get into that supposed paradise, even if she had to leave her friends behind to do so. 

  • Possible Plots

    Anything related to her obsession with Emerald City and Metro-2.

    Anything related to my other characters Misha Turgenev and Grischa Blok. 

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