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Metro: Beyond

Vladimir "Volodya" Grachyov

Rangers of the Order

About Vladimir "Volodya" Grachyov

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    Sergey Puskepalis
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    Spartan Ranger Scout.
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    Born in 2010, Vladimir and his family, like thousands upon thousands of others, would rush into the Moscow metro for shelter on July 6th, 2013. Fortunately for Vladimir the station he found himself in with his parents was one of the four stations that would later make up Polis.

    By 2028, Vladimir was required to choose from one of the four castes that make up the citizens of Polis, but instead of choosing either to join the Kshatriya as some would have assumed for a man who expressed interest in a military career, Vladimir would ask to join the The Order of Sparta then still lead by the now infamous Colonel Miller. 

    The training was brutal and there were times when Vladimir considered giving up and returning to Polis in disgrace and beginning to be allowed into the Kshatriya instead but in the end Vladimir made it through training, he would spend time as a cadet rather than a full member of the order for about two years before finishing his training and proving himself by early-mid 2030. He would later be assigned the role of scout, handling many reconnaissance missions in various parts of the metro and the surface. 

    Over the next few years he would have a relatively normal career in the Rangers; eradicating mutants, killing bandits and saving their hostages, doing secret missions against the Nazi's at their front line against the communists in 2032 and 2033. 

    By 2034 this would change and Vladimir like many Rangers would take part in the gruesome battle for D6 during which he would be badly injured, barley surviving the explosion of a grenade that was tossed during the battle. 

    He'd recover by October of 2035 and continue his career, and he had hoped that the battle of D6 was the last he'd ever have to deal with Metro-2 and whatever was there, sadly for Vladimir this would not be the case. By November of 2038 there were rumors of a new survivalist community south of Paveletskaya, a society that had formed within a bunker believed to be connected to the Metro-2 system. By 2039, The Polis council as well as the current leader of the Spartan Order had become curious, both knew there was much more to Metro-2 besides the D6 bunker, but only parts of it had been mapped by their scouts before the battle of D6 and from the few piece of pre-war governmental paper work that the Kshatriya could get their hands on from the Library. Now they had the possible whereabouts of an entrance. Gathering up a few scouts and a few other Rangers, Vladimir was ordered to head to this Bunker-703 and to find some way to access their portion of Metro-2 and to begin the process of mapping it out. 

  • Possible Plots

    Anything to do with my other characters and the Metro-2 subreddit. 

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