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    Maksym Vasylchenko was 12 years old when the world ended. Old enough to know what was happening, but not old enough to know why.

    He'd been lucky, he and his father. Inside the Metro when it came, on a business trip. He was Ukranian born, but like many, his father chose Russia as his second home, the place where he made his living. His mother stayed in Kyiv until Maksym and his father settled in- or, she would have. Maksym still doesn't know if she's even alive. Not sure if he cares. He was never close to his mother anyhow.  

    Piotr Vasylchenko was a craftsman, a maker of hand-crafted, rustic watches, which he sold at a high premium due to a lack of output. They were fine pieces, and he'd made something of a business out of it, expecting Maksym to follow him in the trade. Maks wasn't interested. By the time they'd settled into their new home, Polis, he'd already grown tired of watches. The world they lived in now had no place for watchmakers, thought Maksym, it needed men who were willing to brawl, to fight, to survive. He would be one of those men. 

    Starting at first helping his father search for parts he might require for his timepieces, now mostly digital due to the rarity of watch-quality quartz above the ground, Maksym began to see the world left behind. He loved it. Wanted to spend more time in it, to face the brave new world with his heart in one hand and his weapon in the other. With the money he made for helping his father, he bought his first weapon, an old, battered Bastard, and began to strike out on his own at 20 years old. At first, it was short journeys with friends, finding only enough junk to sell and then leaving, but as he got older, he grew more bold, and began ranging further, moving faster, finding more valuable wares in the residential areas of Moscow. With the money he collected on his adventures to the surface, he acquired better firearms, better gear, and was able to take more adventurous routes out of the Metro. 

    In recent years, with the fall of the Red Line and the bloodying of the Fourth Reich, the Metro seems a lot safer to Maksym, though he is loath to lose the business of many of the Spartans he met in his travels. As his father ages and toils away at watchmaking, his son wanders the Metro and Surface alike, making a hard, yet fulfilling living out of chasing the adrenaline high, and making a few rounds doing it. Occasionally, when he's injured or worried about a particularly close call, he stays with his father in Polis and helps him with the trade. It is on the tail end of one of these incidents where Maksym finds himself now, his father finally settled into a comfortable life in the Metro as Maksym himself wonders if he, too, should hang up his gas mask for good.


    "Perhaps one day we can all leave these tunnels for good, and speak of the days we spent in the dark as but bad memories of a time where evil men reigned, and good men simply survived." 


  • Possible Plots

    • There are few things Maksym loves more than a jaunt on the surface. Any opportunity to scavenge for something valuable is worth it to him. 
    • Maksym has a special hatred for the Fourth Reich, and believes the Metro to be better without them. Though not violent by nature, he is more than willing to fight any fascist he sees. 
    • With D6 destroyed and the factions all at a crossroads, perhaps Maksym can find something more fulfilling than simply 'getting by'...

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