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Metro: Beyond

Nikita Yashin


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    Nikita Yashin
  • Playby
    Mikhail Zharov
  • Age
  • Occupation/Rank
    Leader of Bunker-703.
  • Character Information

    Born in 1969, Nikita was born into the USSR. Not much is known of his early life but he has admitted to joining the military in 1987 not long after turning 18, and would serve in the final two years of the Soviet-Afghanistan War.

    By 1991, the USSR would collapse, crushing Nikita. While he was not happy about the new Russian Federation that would eventually form he still remained in the military to serve his country, and by this point had been promoted to lieutenant.

    It would be sometime before 1999 that Nikita would made a part of one of Russia's intelligence agencies, and made privy to the still secret Metro-2 network that existed alongside and underneath the everyday civilian metro. While originally assigned to the station hidden underneath the Kremlin and primarily working a desk job he would, by 2010 be reassigned to another part of the metro-2 system, a relatively out of the way bunker near the Metro-1 station of Paveletskaya. By this point Russia was afraid there would be some kind of war in the near future, whether with America outright or another proxy war of the time, no one could say but it was becoming appearant that the relation between both nations was quickly turning sour. Bunker-703 was to be refurbished, refitted and resupplied and have an extension to more important parts of the Metro-2 line, specifically some lines leading out of Moscow. If war came to Russia the contents of Bunker-703 was the supply the Russian military operating in the Moscow area against the occupying forces.

    By 2013 the war would eventually start, while many would rush (and many more die in the process) into the metro, Nikita was left in the bunker with his subordinates. 

    While the Central Command would form from what was left of the military and the Moscow police in the first year or so after the war, Nikita refused to have the bunker interact with anyone who wasn't reporting in from the presidents bunker at mount Yamantau, and so they waited. Soon Central Command would fracture, while it's higher ups went into hiding at D6 before being killed off by the creature that would, over the next few years, come to call it's reactor home. Over the years bandits and gangs would form from former prisoners, Hansa and the Redline would go to war, D6 would be destroyed many years later, and in all that time, in almost three decades, not a single word came from the president, nor the prime minister, or the minister of defense or anyone who Nikita could consider his superior. He had to face the fact Russia, along with the world, were no more. For all they knew the only humans left on the planet were those in the Moscow metro. Deep down he knew that many more no doubt had survived in Saint Petersburg, their metro was built just like the one in Moscow, with all of its airlocks and air filters, and even deeper stations and most likely in the various other metro systems and bunkers in the former USSR. 

    But none of that would matter, the radiation between the massive cities of Russia was simply too high and the distance too vast between them for any of the factions in the metro to care, and by this point many had come to believe they were the only people left on earth. So, Nikita, for the past three decades has kept his men in line, the refurbishments of Bunker-703 were more than mere maintenance. The Russian government truly did want this place to be a major part of the supply network in the event Russia was invaded, and so not only were weapons and ammunition stock pilled in huge quantities, but so was years worth of food and water, medicine and fuel, but even for a group as small as his own these would eventually begin to run low and so Nikita would task a risk and open his bunker up to trade with Paveletskaya. While poor the station was connected to a massive trade network, Hansa, and it was through trade with Paveletskaya that Nikita came to learn of all that had happened in the past 26 years.

    What was once an old and overly complex transportation system was now a collection of warring city states, all more disturbing and worrisome to Nikita. Koltsevaya had now become an overly greedy collection of traders known as Hansa, who would annex nearby stations under the guise of democracy and freedom, but in truth wanted to line their pockets with bullets of all things. Meanwhile the USSR was back, and still the police state Nikita had known, and at points, venerated in his youth. Meanwhile the Fascists had returned and were purging those they saw as 'mutants', and which he was informed was a standard that was always changing whenever it was convenient for the leaders of this Fourth Reich. Then there were stories of wandering vigilantes who involved themselves with everyone affairs, whether wanted or not, who called themselves, of all things Spartan Rangers....

    It all sounded like madness, and yet it was very real. A very real threat to his bunker....his home. 

    He had to keep this place free of them, all of them. It was the last part of Russia, the true Russian, not these city states. He'd keep trading, keep up the facade of someone living in an old bunker, but no one would take it from him. 

    Not even that stranger who had just arrived...

  • Possible Plots

    He'll primarily be the antagonist and secondary protagonist for the Bunker-703 trilogy I have planned, depending on what section of the story would need either a villian or protagonist perspective. Depending on how that series will end this character might be either killed off completely, or live to see other stories I have planned. 

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