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Metro: Beyond

Sergei Fadeev


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    Vladimir Burlakov
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    Born around 2015, Sergei was born into one of the stations that would eventually make up the Exhibition (VDNKh) Commonwealth, specifically in the furthest south of the three stations, that being Rizhskaya, otherwise known as Riga, a station know for its relative bad luck in the commonwealth. For most of his life, Riga, like everything north of the Hansa station Prospekt Mira (The Market) was independent stations. Out of fear of annex by Hansa these stations would merge into the Exhibition Commonwealth in the early 2030s, at least that was the official story. Much of the material support from Riga and it's northern neighbor, Alekseyevskaya, would be going to Exhibition station to support the soldiers in their seemingly endless battle against a group of mutants known as The Dark Ones. 

    Both Riga and Alekseyevskaya would be relatively unharmed for the duration of this war, only knowing of the horrifying stories of what happened to the Dark One's victims. These stories would suddenly come to an end in late 2033. At first no one was sure why but soon rumors would begin to spread that Alexander Sukhoi, the security chief of Exhibition, had a step son who somehow managed to get the Polis Rangers to intervene and destroy the Dark Ones with a series of missile strikes in their home of the Botanical Gardens. 

    Life would continue on as normal for sometime, but by 2036 things were beginning to change. Hansa blockaded the entire commonwealth for a full month, the security chief, now station master Sukhoi, had his son go missing in late 2035 along with his daughter in law, possibly to never be seen again and there was talk of political upheaval in the rest of the metro then, just like with the Dark Ones, life would continue on; even still the recent events had worried many in their faction.

    In mid 2038, Sukhoi and the other leaders of the Exhibition Commonwealth would begin to notice an overpopulation problem within all of their stations and would begin to think of ways to fix it, as well as create something of a backup incase Hansa ever made good on their threats of annexation. They eventually decided, after much debate and argument, to begin colonization efforts of the two stations to the north of Exhibition, those being Botanical Gardens station and Sviblovo, they eventually planned to extend it all the way to the end of the line but for now these two stations would be the newest stations for the commonwealth.

    Despite some protests, Sergei, being the adventurous sort decided to join on for the ride, and by late 2038 would be one of the first caravans to the Botanical Gardens.

  • Possible Plots

    One of the many main characters in the murder paranormal mystery for whatever I decide to call the story at the Botanical Gardens. 

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