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  1. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie sat back long enough to cast away the shirt before he leaned back over her to kiss her again. His own hands not wasting time in helping her off with her own shirt as well.


  2. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie smiled to her as he wrapped his hand around her back and the other under her thigh to shift them in the small space to the cot.


  3. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie kissed her harder as her hips ground against him. He slowly moved his hand up her side toward her breasts.


  4. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    He knew he was much better at this but he was comfortable with her, he actually really liked her even though she was nearly five years his junior. He put a hand on her thigh as the other slide under her shirt just above the hem of her pants.


  5. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie smiled as he shifted in the small chair in the room they had and pat his leg. "Come here then," he said.


  6. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie smirked reaching up to rub the back of his neck nervously. "Never been too good at that either," he said. "When everything is a secret and you don't know who to trust," he shrugged. "I trust you though."


  7. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie nodded to her and looked to the ground. "Never really had an opportunity to think about a future before now. Guess I'm not too good at it," he said.


  8. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "Sounds more like, you, don't want me to bring you with me."


  9. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "That's why I've been thinking about it. I've been hearing rumors they've been a little more lax about who they recruit because of the war," he advised her. "Means I should get a spot pretty easily and I could take you with me."


  10. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie huffed. "That's good I guess," he grinned. "I've been considering taking you to Polis and see if I can become a Ranger," he admitted. "I heard they are hurting right now."

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