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  1. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie glared at his brother before he started down the hall. He stumbled a bit and didn't acknowledge Seth but he wouldn't be there in the morning.


  2. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "Move Seth," Richie was just drunk enough to hold the exact grudge he was talking about.


  3. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "And why the fuck do you care? You're happy Seth. Fucking be happy."


  4. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "If you don't let me walk out of here Seth I will promise you that I'll never see you or Tonka again."


  5. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    No he didn't. But he god damn remembered the faces of the people that took it from him. "Fuck you Seth," he responded as he got up again and this time bolstered by Redford stubborn pride alone. "I'm packing and leaving tonight. Tell Tonka goodbye for me," he said as he moved to shove past his brother.


  6. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie sat but not at the direction of Seth, at least not in his head. He was already having a hard enough time standing on his own two feet. "I don't fucking answer to you anymore. We're not in the Reich. You're not my boss," he scowled at Seth."


  7. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "I'll fucking crawl out of here if I have to."


  8. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "It doesn't fucking matter. I'm fucking leaving."


  9. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "Don't get fucking near me," Richie said pointing at Seth as he leaned against the wall. "I'm going to bed and I'm fucking leaving in the morning. You.... you can... you and Tonka can fucking live in your delusions."


  10. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie flipped off Red. "You're not my fucking dad," he said. "Let me leave." he said squaring his shoulders.


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