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  1. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie really didn’t need further encouragement to continue. He wanted the connection and despite the rocky start to meeting he enjoyed her prickly company. He knew it was likely just this but for the short time that they could be intimate and he could feel connected he took advantage of it.


  2. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie noted her reaction and took time to focus on the sensitive spot suckling on it before he moved on, his other hand resting on her hip.


  3. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her neck, her wet hair against his nose.


  4. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie accepted taking a small sip as to not consume her entire bottle though he knew it wouldn't do much for him. He handed it back to her. As she reached for it he grabbed her wrist and tugged her into his lap.


  5. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie huffed in amusement. "They can surprise you."


  6. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Richie didn’t point out that danger could come from any direction here too he’d seen things from the ceiling and the ground kill people. The prawns were his least favorite. Instead he let her have her security. “You have a point he agreed. I think people are more dangerous down here anyways. They are unpredictable. At least you know what to expect from a nosali.”


  7. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "It really is a different world up there," Richie advised her.


  8. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "That's good. You seem more comfortable in the tunnels," he admitted.


  9. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    "Is it on the surface or underground this time?" he asked as he closed the door behind her and slipped past her to sit on the edge of the cot.


  10. Richie "Sergei" Redford

    Sergei turned to look up to Kaella when she knocked on the door. He had already stashed his pack away to the side and tried to at least make the cot seem a little more comfortable.

    "Hey," he said to her as he let her into the cramped quarters. It certainly wasn't nearly as spacious as it was outside.


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