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Elenya Orlov

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    Elenya Orlov was just four years of age when hell consumed Earth. Her family were lucky to be in transit when the bombs dropped, and for twenty-two years that is where they have lived. Her father and mother were both of the working class, a mechanic and a teacher. This made them desirable to the Red Line who wanted to collect everyone with any usable skill set. Her father and mother quietly bent to the will of the Reds, knowing full well that bowing down was the only way for their family to survive. 


    Life for Elenya was mostly unremarkable up until then. Her parents always stressed education over adventure. They passed down to her as much as her brain could possibly handle so that the world would still have their knowledge and skills. Elenya grew up repairing old machinery alongside her father, trading within their station for whatever they could get their hands on. Tools and parts were always at the top of the list. Her father's trade allowed her family to live a relatively comfortable life within the Red Line, at least until everything went to shit. Again.


    Where her brother was forced into the army, Elenya was much smaller than him. She didn't have the stalwart persona of a soldier and was overlooked by the Reds, much to the joy of her parents. Her upbringing was much freer than her brothers, allowing her to explore herself and a profession that didn't require her to throw her life on the line. They had plan, together as a family. Survive the Reds, find a place to live. Unfortunately the assassination of the communist leader derailed that entirely. 


    Her brother, Vasily, protected them during the chaos. They hid in 

    Now, Elenya has taken to traversing the surface to try and scrape enough together to move his family away from the Red Line, hopefully to somewhere safe. She has her sights set on Polis, the only known bastion of knowledge left in their world. 

  • Possible Plots

    • Fixing things

    • Scavenging things

    • Anything dealing with the fallout the collapse of the Red Line left

    • Anything about acquiring information to improve standard of living

    • Anything about getting to Polis

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