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Vasily Orlov

Red Line
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    Vasily Orlov was just four years of age when hell consumed Earth. His family were lucky to be in transit when the bombs dropped, and for twenty-two years that is where they have lived. His father and mother were both of the working class, a mechanic and a teacher. This made them desirable to the Red Line who wanted to collect everyone with any usable skill set. His father and mother quietly bent to the will of the Reds, knowing full well that bowing down was the only way for their family to survive. 


    Life for Vasily was mostly unremarkable up until then. His parents always stressed education over adventure. They passed down to him as much as his brain could possibly handle so that the world would still have their knowledge and skills. Vasily, as a boy in perfect health, was conscripted by the Red Line to act as a soldier in their army. His family had never truly upheld the communist ideologies but understood that dissent meant death. So he shouldered the burden, pretending to be the perfect soldier so his family would not be exposed. 


    Luckily, Vasily showed aptitude for medical practices after his mother gave him a number of books about biology and field medicine. He studied hard and applied those skills to his military training. When the leader of the communist faction was assassinated Vasily did not dutifully throw himself in the line of fire and die like so many others did. Instead, he hid himself and his family. They survived the onslaught, hiding out in their station in a secret hastily made bunker. 


    Sadly, in the ensuing chaos, their father was shot during a raid. He survived the wound but is now stuck in a wheelchair, unable to move below the waist. Vasily desperately seeks a way out of the Red Line stations, to find a place that is safe for his family. The only problem is getting them there.

  • Possible Plots

    • Dealing with the fallout of the Red Line

    • Dealing with going AWOL

    • Scavenging for medicine

    • Aiding/healing others

    • Protecting a station/people

    • Trying to find a way out for his family

    • Looking to secure a new home for his family

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