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    In the Fourth Reich, the categories you can fall under are plain and simple. Genetically perfect or genetically inferior. A believer or a corpse. When the bombs dropped and the people found refuge in the Moscow Metro, Yuri's family found themselves trapped within the walls of the Fourth Reich. Trapped might have been the wrong word, considering how easily they adjusted to their new lives. 

    Growing up was relatively easy for Yuri. She never went hungry and very rarely got sick. Her family was often used as an example of "model citizenship". Her father attaining a high ranking yet low risk position in the military, and her mother the ideal vision of Russian beauty. Although, while Yuri did not struggle, she was not blind to the atrocities condoned and committed by the Fourth Reich. Her friends would disappear now and then, under the pretenses of "improving their genetic superiority". Slowly the lustful spell of Russian Nationalism grew stale for Yuri. She had began to see the cracks in what she what she used to call home. 

    Her family was brainwashed, considering anything below the Reich's standard as subhuman, save her younger brother Aristov, who wanted more than to be a soldier. Often he would confide in Yuri, whispers of escape and a life outside the Reich. Yuri sought escape as well, but as a civilian her options were very few. As a woman, make that nonexistent. She would never have been allowed to leave the station by Reich officials. She took matters into her own hands, stealing supplies from her father's personal stash and braving into the tunnels until the flags changed colors. 


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    • Hired to find something on the surface. Can be whatever/whoever. 
    • Hired to guide someone somewhere
    • Romance
    • Anything really

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