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    Wayne "Dusty" Haig is no stranger to violence.

    He grew up in violence. A house full of drugs, booze, sex, and hate led to some very heated discussions between mother and father, brothers and sisters. The Marine Corps was an easy out, a temporary solution to the greatest of life's problems. 

    And the Corps taught Wayne very well how to solve problems. 

    Dusty's specialization was infantry. Ground pounder. He hit the ground running, never stopped moving, shooting, and he loved it. The power of a gun in his hand, of a flag on his chest, made him feel strong. He didn't need to be afraid of anyone or anything. The fact that he got one of the 'shit' assignments- protecting a US ambassador in Moscow- only bothered him in that he likely would never get to kill anyone else.

    Violet wasn't his type of woman. He couldn't fuck her or fight her, so he wanted nothing to do with her. They snapped at each other like cats and dogs, but he did his damn job. He sat in front of the embassy, sometimes he sat in it, and as tensions rose, he occasionally shouted at people in very, very angry broken Russian.

    Then the bombs came. Evac procedure. Everything went to shit. Wayne got separated from the group, along with Alice Gregory, the ambassador's godchild. 'Protect her', she'd said.

    Fuck that.

    The first chance he got, Dusty ditched Alice for dead. He didn't need dead weight- he was an American soldier deep in hostile territory, and he wasn't gonna get far with a kid strapped to his ass. He took his gear and booked it as far as his legs could carry him. 

    Eventually, life in the metro settled to what it is now, with settlements and towns in the tunnels. Wayne used his abysmal Russian and much better aim to  make a living for himself. Currently, he uses his expertise surviving in the Metro and his Marine training to teach the newest recruits of the Reich how to operate. It's not his favorite job, but it gives him plenty of bullets, and his M27 is a very, very hungry bitch. 


    "Can't have shit in this motherfucking Metro."


    Fun misc facts

    • Dusty owns an MP3 player, and is fiercely protective of it.
    • Dusty's favorite band is Metallica, and he owns their entire discography
    • Dusty is originally from Dublin, Ohio
    • Dusty's favorite food is cheeseburgers, and he is acutely aware of the fact he hasn't had a cheeseburger in 20 years. 


    As a former US military serviceman, Dusty is uniquely armed. His primary firearm is "The Bitch", a modular M27 IAR with a scavenged 100-round dual-drum "Beta-C" magazine. His sidearm is a standard-issue US Marine Corps M45 'Delta'.

  • Possible Plots

    Wayne doesn't know if Violet, Red, or any of the other members of the ambassador's entourage are alive. If he knew, he'd kill them, because he's damn sure they'd tried to kill him first.

    Wayne barely remembers Alice, but he still does remember her. Perhaps she remembers him too. 

    The Reich needs strong young men, and while Dusty isn't a Reich's man at heart, the ammo's good and the fighting's plenty. Perhaps the newest recruits might run fair or foul of the Master Sergeant. 

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