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Metro: Beyond

Father Andrey Popovich Kopeykin

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About Father Andrey Popovich Kopeykin

  • Patriarch of The Metro

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    Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow
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    Minister of the Orthodox Church of Russia
  • Character Information

    Father Kopeykin has sought the Lord for a very long time.

    Though many claim him as 'Father', he has always been Andrey, humble servant of the Father God, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Not even a full minister when the bombs fell, Andrey had been tending to the poor and sick of Moscow, like many servants of the church before him. He was in the Metro simply because many of his vagrant charges made their homes there. 

    It had seemed like the end of days. In the death, destruction, and doom outside, many men's faith was tested. But where some may have been found wanting, Andrey's faith was unshakeable

    Immediately, Andrey began to minister to those who were forced to make their new lives in the Metro. He tended to the sick, gave food and aid to the poor, and ensured that those that succumbed to sickness and despair did not do so alone. Though he was not the Patriarch of the church, all men called him Father, and soon, it was clear that as far as the Metro was concerned, Andrey was the Patriarch.

    Even in his old age, Andrey's faith is unbroken. He has heard tales from Stalkers who walk amongst his congregation that the world beyond Moscow may still yet be inhabitable- the surface is not all wasteland. Andrey recalls the tale of Moses, God's faithful messenger to his people, who led his people out of Egypt, and through his death, to the Promised Land of Israel. Life in the Metro is hard, and Andrey knows that his time left on Earth is short. 

    But he has his calling, the Lord has ordained it- he will lead the Metro to the Promised Land, whatever it takes. From the dark, destitute tunnels of the Metro, God's people will once again rise to the surface, and bask in the glory of the Lord evermore. 


    "Mine eyes have seen the glory of His Coming. Oh, if only you, too, could see..."


    Fun Misc Info

    • His favorite book of the Bible is Exodus, and his favorite verse is Joshua 1:9- "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
    • He was around for the last days of the USSR, and holds a particular disdain for the Reds, though he prefers them to the Reich.
    • He suffers from Parkinson's Disease.
    • If he were not a priest, he would likely be a cook.
  • Possible Plots

    The Patriarch's faith in the Promised Land is absolute, and any who can bring him further evidence of such a place will be rewarded handsomely with bullets and blessings. 

    The Patriarch has long awaited the chance to spread the Gospel to the masses of the Metro. Perhaps lost souls may take comfort and refuge in his dioscese, where they may receive the Father's wisdom and blessing. All but the Reich are welcome in his church.


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