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Kristijan Ristić

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About Kristijan Ristić

  • The Serbian Spartan

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    Kristijan Ristić
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    Gideon Emery
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    Mid-level Crime Lord
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    Kristijan Ristić wasn't always a killer. Not the kind of killer he is now

    Kristijan was a Ranger, once. A proud member of the Order. He had a wife, a daughter, a rifle, and a life, safe from the worst of the Metro. Then came war

    War with the Red Line. It took his friends' lives, their bodies, but it took Kristijan's soul

    Nothing made sense to Kristijan anymore. Violence and evil seemed to rule over his life, even in 'victory'. He turned to violence to fill the hole that D6 had left in him. He gained a gang, gained guns, gained a reputation, but in the process, he lost his family. He did everything he could to try and bring them back, pretended that he was 'civil' in spite of his lifestyle. He was 'clean'. He didn't kill, he didn't maim, he only threatened at worst.

    Eventually, he had to get down in the dirt to dig for gold, and in the process of combating violent, evil men, Kristijan has become a violent, evil man.  Every look in the mirror only disgusts him more, every bullet he fires takes a piece of his heart with it, and he wonders if the never-ending circle of blood, bullets, and booze will ever come to an end. 

    He doubts it.


    "There's an art to this life. Like a Van Gogh piece." 


    Fun Misc. Info

    • Before the bombs fell, Kristijan was a "Cobra"- a member of the special gendarme of Serbia responsible for the protection of the President and high-risk counterterrorist operations, and was in Moscow for cross-training with the FSB. This was the basis under which he was made a Spartan.  
    • He gives conflicting answers on his age, mainly because he's actually forgotten how old he is. 
    • Kristijan speaks more English than he does Russian, with Serbian being his first language. 


    Being as he is a criminal, Kristijan has access to a variety of firearms- primarily, he wields a Heckler and Koch UMP9- his service weapon from his Cobras deployment, but his arsenal at the Last Station includes almost two-dozen Kalashnikovs of various makes and patterns, a quartet of Dragunovs, a heavily modified PKP machine gun, and a large number of hand-crafted 'Bastard' and 'Duplet' small arms. 

  • Possible Plots

    Kristijan wants nothing more than to be a family man, in spite of everything that he must do and face as a made man. Any way to get his family back would cause him to drop everything. 

    Kristijan holds some love yet for his old comrades, and he refuses to commit crimes against the Order. Time will tell if the Order will turn a blind eye to his incursions into Polis.

    Kristijan despises the politics of the Metro and actively tries to 'buy a senator' in Polis and Hanza. Perhaps he will be successful. Perhaps he will not.

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