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Leonid Arturovich Yakovlev

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    Nicholas Boulton
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    Minister of the Orthodox Church of Russia
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    Leonid was rather young when the bombs fell, having only received his ordination to priesthood two months before he was forced to flee into the Metro, but that did not stop him from taking full responsibility for his flock. Authority came naturally to the young priest, but he chafed in the role. His congregation looked up to him, but they did not know quite how uncomfortable their reverence in his direction made him feel. 

    Comfort or not, Father Yakovlev gave being a leader his all. Rationing and planning was not something he could do by himself, and so he formed a council of the most experienced of his flock and delegated, with the young man acting as their head and tiebreaker when it was necessary. One year passed with no contact outside of their enclave, before they were able to push through the rubble cutting them off from the rest of the Metro.

    It seemed that he was not the only religious leader to have been made an authority figure. Initially, he viewed the so-called Patriarch with suspicion - this was not the man who sat at the head of the church above the surface, and surely he would have survived if anyone had. Yet Father Kopeykin seemed to fit his role better than anyone else could. And so it came to pass that of the two of them, it was the ordained minister who became the junior, the second. 

    Whether Leonid believes in the Patriarch's tales of a Promised Land beyond Moscow is uncertain. But what he does believe is that the elder priest cares for the people of the Metro. And for now, that is all that is needed.

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