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Metro: Beyond

Pavel Mishkov


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    Vladimir Mashkov
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    Former Hansa soldier,Unemployed/Vigilante/Independent Stalker.
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    They lied--The president, the major, even my own men--They knew, all of them knew and somehow I never did. They'll pay, just you wait, you'll see. I'll escape this place, I'll get help for these burns and my sickness, then....then I'll head back to Hansa, and where ever else they hide. I will find them, I will find them and I will kill them all and I will tell everyone! Everyone will know the lies that they have all told, how we've all been lied to since day one. I'll make sure we all learn the truth....then we'll all head home.


    Born not long after the USSR's collapse, Pavel was born in the city of Saint Petersburg, then still known as Leningrad. His family would move to Moscow in the early 2000s for better work and Pavel would live his life in a fairly well off family after a few years of his parents hard work, and eventually his own. 

    He would eventually attend Moscow State University, a place now known as Emerald City, and cut off from the Metro. It was during the train ride home after classes had ended for the day that the world ended, and the train came to a sudden halt and his life in this new world would begin.

    Like many thousands of others, Pavel would eventually become a citizen of Hansa. He would serve in its military during the first war between Hansa and the Communists of the Redline. During one incident, Pavel would risk his life to save Hansa soldiers who were considered expendable during an operation where Hansa tried to collapse a tunnel to cut off the Redline advance. While many would die in the rubble he would go against orders and risk being court martialled by his superior officers, and shot by Redline soldiers who survived the collapse of the tunnels and save around half a dozen men. While not a major victory, and also an act that also got him thrown into a military prison for life for defying orders, the Hansa government made him into something of a war hero to boost moral in the closing days of the war, allowing him to keep his military career and his life for many more years to come.

    At some point after 2035, Pavel was promoted to the rank of major and would be initiated into a top secret task force for the Hansa military that would have him operating far outside of their territory, most of the time on the surface, and many times to the very edge of Moscow and even parts of its surrounding suburbs, places even few Stalkers would go. It was in this task force that Pavel would learn of its duty to save the metro from a threat long forgotten by many in the Russian capital after all these years.

    He didn't even last a day before being thrown into a pitt himself....

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