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    Vjera was an early on lawyer when the bombs dropped. She was brilliant and fun loving which is what caught the eye of Kristijan while they were in school.

    She married Kristijan just before he went to Moscow. It was a little rushed but they were young and in love and Kritijan made her feel like she was the world. That's all she could want in a partner back then.

    Then the bombs dropped and he joined the order. She knew the situation was hard and she appreciated that her husband was so dedicated to the protection of others. It wasn't long after that they had their daughter, Steva. Kristijan doted on her relentlessly and though it sometimes bothered Vjera she let him do it. In the situation it was better she believed.

    After D6 though, Kristijan started to change. He got upset more. Even after they left the safety of Polis because he "couldn't be there anymore". It dwindled and he started to get more upset, more violent.

    Vjera tried to take Steva and leave but he caught her. He beat her before taking Steva back home expecting that Vjera would follow obediently.

    Vjera didn't.

    Defeated and frustrated she went back to Polis to figure out work that she could do to make ends meet and to be able to drink away the woes that she left her daughter with a monster.

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