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Metro: Beyond

Ruslan Vasin


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  • Playby
    Gregoriy Dobrygin
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  • Occupation/Rank
    Father. Wanderer.
  • Character Information

    Family had been Ruslan's savior on the day the war started. Unlike others who tripped and fell, scrambled over each other, clawed at the security guards, bribed, begged, fought and killed to be allowed into the metro stations on the first day of the apocalypse, Ruslan had been lucky, and had his escape made. 

    On that day, when the world ended and humanity was forced into its new home, Ruslan was at home. One of the hundreds if not thousands of soviet era apartment blocs. The family was having a little get together, Ruslan along with his father, Zakhar, mother Anka, his uncle Maxim, his brother; Nikolai and his girlfriend, Antoniya. 

    During the get-together the war began, and the family, unlike many others who went for the metro, was lead by Maxim to an old police station nearby and into the basement therein along with several employees and a few police officers who were in the police station at the time. There they would find a room containing a long but basic metro style platform near a tunnel running towards the center of the city. 

    It is within this room where they would remain for almost thirty years, until Ruslan's son begins to fall ill. Knowing his little community cannot help his son he takes him town the tunnel and into the city, hoping to get some help.

  • Possible Plots

    Right now I am focusing on having him star in a story I am still working on at the time of writing this, though I hope to publish it soon and open it up to whoever.

    I might have him make appearances in other stories depending on how his ends. 

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