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Metro: Beyond

Gleb Borodin

Red Line

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  • Mr. Borodin.

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    Pasha D. Lychnikoff
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    Gleb Borodin was, for most of his life underground, a true patriot and believer in the cause of the Redline, and to an extent his still is. 

    Born sometime in the mid-late 1990s, Gleb grew up in Moscow and like many others found his way to the Moscow metro on July 6th 2013 when the war started, where he would eventually become a citizen to the Redline, and one of its many thousands of soldiers during its first war with Hansa, it's war with the Nazi's over what would become known as 'The Frontline' and also serving during the brief but brutal war over the D6 bunker, being one of an incredibly tiny handful of Redline soldiers pulled from the battle by medics before the bunker was destroyed. 

    It was due to this service record and tendency to survive that Gleb was chosen by high ranking members of the Redline military to take part in a military unit that officially did not exist, and would work behind the scenes and alongside members of other factions to find and elimate certain individuals who had been watched for sometime, and deemed a threat, not only to the Redline, but also to the metro's security as a whole. 

  • Possible Plots

    Currently tracking two individuals from the Redline. 


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