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    Patience Haig doesn't remember being happy that often.

    Her dad loved her, but it wasn't the kind of love her friends had. He held her from afar, kept her at a distance, worked and worked and worked and never played. Sometimes she'd watch him work, when he let her. It was how she learned how to shoot. 

    Her mom didn't even pretend to love her. She only ever saw them. 

    One day, her dad evidently saw them too. He sent her away when she was barely 13, a little girl in a grown man's world. If it wasn't for the love of others, she'd have never survived this long. 

    She didn't get much love from others. 

    The girl that left the Reich broken-hearted and alone arrived in Oberon much the same way, falling into familiar faces and trades, yet feeling strangely cognizant that her life, as it is, is untenable, and that there's something... or someone watching her. 

  • Possible Plots

    Wayne doesn't know if Violet, Red, or any of the other members of the ambassador's entourage are alive. If he knew, he'd kill them, because he's damn sure they'd tried to kill him first.

    Wayne barely remembers Alice, but he still does remember her. Perhaps she remembers him too. 

    The Reich needs strong young men, and while Dusty isn't a Reich's man at heart, the ammo's good and the fighting's plenty. Perhaps the newest recruits might run fair or foul of the Master Sergeant. 

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