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Metro: Beyond



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    Daniel Hendler
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    Born in the mid 1990s, Adam was born in another country to a relatively well off family. By the time he was 19 he was already able to afford to travel the world, and by 2013 would be in Russia, and like many others would find his way into the metro when the bombs dropped. 

    Over the next twenty plus years, Adam would eventually find work as a stalker and overtime would become friends with another stalker, Misha Turgenev and then later Grischa Blok and other stalkers around the Hansa. 

    When not exploring the surface, Adam has been attempting to locate parts of the metro that belonged to the pre-war government in search of the supplies therein, usually sending along tips of such locations to the girl friend of Misha, a girl named Katya, who also shares such an interest. Most of these tips usually inadvertently leading Misha and the rest of life threatening misadventures. 

  • Possible Plots

    (Mostly just a side character for anything with Misha and Katya for now.) 

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