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  1. Red Redford

    Red stayed awake and alert while she rested. There was never really a dull moment on the surface. The building itself was mostly secure, but he could hear plenty of activity outside. Small animals, mostly. Chittering and crying from the small bird like mutants that now infested the city was a near constant. There were watchmen somewhere nearby, judging by the lilting howls. They didn't seem to be coming that way, though, so Red remained relaxed. 

    A couple of hours passed before he heard anything that drew his attention. Voices, it sounded like. 

    Red nudged Violet gently to wake her. 

    Unfortunately, it wouldn't turn out to be the Spartans they were expecting. 


  2. Red Redford

    "I'll always come for you, Vi," he murmured, pressing a kiss to the side of her head and hugging her in tighter "you're always the one I hear." 


  3. Red Redford

    "They said expect them within about two hours, maybe sooner," he answered as he approached. He set his rifle gently against the wall and shrugged off his pack, "You know how it is up here. Depends on how much they have to deal with to get here," Red eased himself down beside her and reached an arm around her shoulders to pull him in against his warmth, "this place is pretty secure, at least. Try to get some rest." 


  4. Red Redford

    When Red finally reappeared a little more than half an hour later, he looked a bit less tense than before. 

    "No answer from Oberon," he said as he walked back into the room, "but I made contact with the Spartans. They're going to send a couple of men out to scout the area and help get you back." 


  5. Red Redford

    Once he'd gotten the radio working, Red settled to start sending the distress call. He tried the frequencies Oberon used first - though he knew from the start that he was unlikely to get an answer. They didn't have the resources for a surface outpost. One of his people would have to be above ground with a handheld device. 

    When that almost inevitably failed, he started skimming through the frequencies the device could manage. If nothing else, he could contact the Spartans. They were usually willing to spare aid where they could - and being holed up in one of their safe houses meant it was more likely that they'd be willing to send a man to them,

    Unfortunately, the problem with a radio system was that anyone else who had one could also listen in. Red wasn't really taking that into consideration at the moment, though. He was more concerned with getting his wife off the surface. 



  6. Red Redford

    The wind was still howling around the building. Somewhere far in the distance it sounded as though a watchman was howling - Red couldn't tell. All he knew was that the immediate surroundings were still uncomfortably quiet. '

    Unaware of what was going on below, he continued his search through the small apartment until, finally, he found what he'd been hoping for. A com radio hidden in the back of a cabinet - about as well away from the elements as possible. 

    Initially he held his breath as he pulled it out. Then it switched on. 

    "Fuck yes," Red muttered. Maybe they would get out of this after all. 



  7. Red Redford

    Minutes passed and still nothing. Eventually Red gave up, deciding to come back and check later. 

    In the meantime he started rummaging through the storage spaces in the room. It was a Spartan safe house - maybe there was a radio in there somewhere. 


  8. Red Redford

    The building made for a sturdy shelter, all things considered. It was difficult to get a view out of, though, with the windows heavily boarded. Red kept looking around, though. He knew there was no way the Spartans didn't have some sort of vantage point in the place. 

    After a few minutes, he found a door that when opened revealed a narrow stair case. Red cautiously made his way up, finding himself up in a small apartment where the shop owner must have lived before the war. He'd been right about the Spartans having a vantage point. This was the only space so far where the windows weren't fully boarded up, and there was one facing each direction. 

    Red picked up the beaten set of binoculars resting on the window sill as he peered out over the streets. There was moisture inside one of the lenses, so it wasn't the best improvement - but still better than plain eye sight. It did make him wish he'd thought to bring a rifle scope along, though. He still wasn't catching sight of anything, though. 

    Made him wonder if whatever Violet sensed trailing them was even a physical entity at all. 


  9. Red Redford

    Red set her rifle against the wall beside her, then grabbed his own as he stood. He left the room quietly, picking a little more carefully through the building. He didn't particularly want to move back out into the streets again, so for now he tried to see what he could from inside. Maybe finally catch a glimpse of what had been stalking Violet. 


  10. Red Redford

    "Nothing you won't survive. Just try to relax, I'm going to go have a look around." 


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