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  1. Red Redford

    "Thanks," Red said to the younger man before getting up to join Violet on the cot. 


  2. Red Redford

    "I need to get some things from the market before we can leave," Red answered, passing Damian a slip of paper. He hadn't been willing to leave Violet long enough to go himself.


  3. Red Redford

    "I don't get the impression that woman is much for pity dates," Red shrugged, "but either way it's a foot in the door. Might as well enjoy it."


  4. Red Redford

    "Can't hurt," Red shrugged, then smirked faintly, "so you finally got her to look twice at you then?" he feased.


  5. Red Redford

    "I want to get back to Oberon but I'm not sure how well she can cover long distances right now. Be nice if we could catch a ride with the Spatrans, if only half way."


  6. Red Redford

    Red looked up as their adopted son came in, "She's recovering alright. Just tired, mostly. You make it in alright?


  7. Red Redford

    He smiled and gave her hand a squeeze, I love you too. I'm glad you're okay "


  8. Red Redford

    "Eh, dizzy and nauseous for a while but I've had plenty of time to recover."


  9. Red Redford

    "About two days. Your vitals stabilized pretty quickly once they got you sewn up and more blood in you."


  10. Red Redford

    "Damian is on his way. I'm sure he'll have news." 


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