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    A former Marine Corps officer serving at the the United States Embassy in Moscow, Red was living in Russia with his spouse Violet and their three children SethRichie, and Tonka when the war broke out. Unfortunately their family was splintered by the nuclear attack, the children having been sent off to school some forty five minutes before the sirens sounded. 

    Despite desperate searching of the Metro after finding shelter, Red and Violet were unable to locate their children. Eventually they came to found the station Oberon as a haven for all citizens of the Metro, though non-Russians primarily came to inhabit the station. 

    As faction tensions rose within the Metro, the unaffiliated Oberon eventually became a target for the expanding Fourth Reich. Unable to hold down against the far superior fighting force, Red and Violet were forced to evacuate the station to Polis. Unable to negotiate housing for their followers they eventually adopted the drastic strategy of attempting to exit Moscow. 

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