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Metro: Beyond

Dmitry Yahontov


About Dmitry Yahontov

  • Councilman

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    Ron Rifkin
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    Polis Councilman
  • Character Information

    Born in the USSR, Dmitry would find his way into the police force in Russian Federation by the mid 1990s, during this time he would begin to form many connections with high ranking police officers, the local politicians and oligarchs, connections that he would continue to strengthen in the decades leading up to the nuclear war in 2013. As with thousands of others, Dmitry found himself in the metro on the day the war began, and quickly would make his way to the series of stations that would, in time, make up Polis.

    As the years went by, and Polis began to form it's own identity with it's own caste system, Yahontov found himself returning back to his old life as a law enforcer, becoming a high ranking member of the Kshatryia (the caste involved in law enforcement and the defense of Polis) within a few years, with such a high rank came the position of councilman, a job he would hold for many years to come. It was during these years that, Dmitry would become very good friends with a traveler known as Gleb Borodin, and the man's employers, who would continue to influence Dmitry's politics for the remainder of his career. 

    By the later half of the 2030s, Polis would lose it's Kshatryia chief, Anatoly Belikov for reasons still under investigation, with murder being feared. While not the official second in command, the Polis council would quickly vote Yahontov into the position of Kshatriya chief, controversially while the body of Belikov was still relatively warm...

  • Possible Plots

    Anything involving Polis, for the time being. 

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