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Metro: Beyond

Anatoly Ankudinov


About Anatoly Ankudinov

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    Eric Godon
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    Organisational Head
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    Born sometime in the 1960s, Anatoly would live a relatively uneventful life for a communist citizen until in 1991, when the USSR collapsed. With the eventual creation of the Russian Federation, Anatoly would find his way into politics, even attempting a run for the mayor of Moscow at one point in time. 

    Despite failing in that venture he had built and maintained many connections with various parts of the Russian government, from small local politics to the highest members of the Russian government.

    Like many others, Anatoly would find himself underground at the start of the war, specifically finding himself in a station with the name of {CLASSIFIED INFORMATION} where he would spend the next year or two before venturing out into the rest of the metro with a few others, returning home when possible. 

    As the years went by and the various factions of the metro would begin to form, Anatoly would eventually settle down in Hansa for a time, specifically in the southern portion, before disappearing mysteriously in the early 2030s with a traveler named Gleb Borodin...



  • Possible Plots

    Currently keeping an eye on anything involving Gleb Borodin, Dmitry Yahontov, and especially individuals such as Mikhail Turgenev and Katya Antipina. 

    Will no doubt be interested in anything occurring in Polis, the Redline, the Reich, and Hansa--and elsewhere, if possible. 

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