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Metro: Beyond

Yakov Denikin

Red Line

About Yakov Denikin

  • Commissar

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  • Playby
    Armen Dzhigarkanyan
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  • Occupation/Rank
    Red Line Colonel.
  • Character Information

    Born sometime between the 60s and 70s, Yakov would become a passionate member of the Russian communist party before the USSR's collapse, joining the military sometime in the later half of the 1980s. He would continue to be an ardent communist well after the collapse of the USSR, joining the Russian Communist Party after the Russian Federation had formed.

    By the 2000s he had retired from military life and would lead a relatively normal life until 2013 when World War Three started. He would eventually find his way, years later, to the quickly forming Redline and once he had learned of their need for experienced soldiers he signed on and would continue to serve in this new Red Army for many years to come, eventually becoming a Commissar and reaching the rank of Colonel. 

    It was during this time he met a traveler named Gleb Borodin who would be a major help for the Colonel by the later half of the 2030s.

    After the disastrous defeat at D6, the Red Line would begin to fracture, many of it's outer stations either becoming independent or descending into total anarchy, however the central portion of the Redline would avoid this fate due to Yakov who, now one of the highest ranking member of the Red Army still alive, would begin to take drastic steps to crack down on even the smallest sign of descent, and would gather up any soldiers he could to begin to forcibly take over the rebelling stations and unify the Redline once again...

  • Possible Plots

    Anything to do with the Redline, maybe other areas later (depending on what I do with the character)

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