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Metro: Beyond

Zaya Golovina


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  • Playby
    Oksana Akinshina
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  • Occupation/Rank
    Maid/Servant at Polis
  • Character Information

    Born sometime in the 2020s, Zaya and her younger brother would be orphaned early in their life, roughly when Zaya turned eleven or twelve. For the next few months afterwards she would take various odd jobs around Polis to feed her and her brother, cleaning tables at bars, helping to clean the station, helping to move supplies to other parts of the station or other menial tasks, usually for very little pay for such opulent stations. These menial jobs would soon end when Zaya learned that the Kshatryia chief, Ruslan Belikov, needed a maid for his office and was willing to hire practically anyone for the job and Zaya would, after seeing the relatively decent pay associated with the job, would readily apply; a decision she would come to heavily regret. 

    The following year or so would be one of hellish abuse for Zaya, which would, just as it began, end quite suddenly, with Belikov's unexplained death. While many assumed Belikov had died from a heart attack, Zaya had heard much in his room and the dealings he had with certain individuals that could help learn the truth behind what truly happened to Belikov and what is happening to Polis. 

  • Possible Plots

    Right now anything at Polis, with Joe Sousa, or to do with the plots involving the Turgenev's, the rangers and others.

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