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Metro: Beyond

Lisova Valentiovna


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    Lisova Valentiovna
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    Full Name: Lisova Zoya Valentiovna

    DOB: November 4, 2008

    Height: 5' 9"

    Weight: 154 lbs

    Brief Appearance Description: She has red dreadlocks, is covered from head to toe with tattoos. The right side of her face is scarred and she's missing her right ear due to her being right at the edge of the Metro when the world went to hell. She has blue eyes and long eyelashes, and has both a lip and nose piercing.

    Parents: Deceased

    Mother- Faina Valentiovna
    Father- Yakim Valentiovna 

    Weapons: Whatever she can get her hands on. She's very proficient with knives, and is decent at firing a gun if she has one.

    Skills: Lockpicking, blending in, paying attention to detail, tracking, ability to read lips

    Weaknesses: Hard of hearing, blunt, stubborn, jealous

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