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Metro: Beyond

Charlotte Daniels

Baumansky Alliance
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    After the war the this tinker tot fortunately found herself in Bumansky Alliance. Known as the best Bumansky tech Charlotte is often on loan to Polis but her big heart tends to get her into other stations and a lot of trouble.

    Charlotte's a little on the too kindhearted side of the Metro. Being that she got in with Bumansky early she's lived a rather sheltered version of life working with Polis pretty consistently since then.

  • Possible Plots

    • Repairs, repairs, repairs.
    • Primarily in Polis this will be the best place to find her but she's known to go to other places to do repairs as well but her boyfriend will be picky about these missions so reach out to me and @Dragon for out of Polis repairs.
    • Pregnant lady stuff. She's about 3 months pregnant.
    • She's not directly involved but can get mixed up in Polis soldier stuff depending on 'wrong place/wrong time' or being dragged into special repair projects.
    • Helping people, even if its the wrong people and it gets her into trouble.

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