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    Information regarding Sacha is limited but available. Originating from a failed settlement overrun by Nosalie, he rarely stays within a station for long.

    Sightings on the surface typically identify him as a cautious but approachable person. Not actively hostile to those approaching peacefully but well guarded no less. Seen scavenging through a number of sights, his itinerary revolves around notices placed in the stations. Working for others typically leaves him at the short end of the survival stick, though he is not adverse to beneficiary, if temporary assistance. Typically marks surface stashes on a private map using color coded scraps of clothing.

    In the metro however, Sacha is by and by more difficult to find. Making his home near to nosalie and watcher nests, and generally living a life of solitude. His abode consists of several entrances, blocked off in such ways to facilitate a hasty escape through light internal demolition in emergency cases. Living a spartan lifestyle, he carries little more than needed to survive and makes do largely with the bare minimum. Several stashes can be found around his abodes consisting of little more than parts and pieces of weapons, gear, and other items for trade.

  • Possible Plots

    Surface encounters always welcome.

    Sacha is mute by choice after his settlement fell to Nosalie. Speaking with him is difficult.


    Interactions within the different stations also welcome as Sacha actively seeks notices or wanted listings.

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