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    Kiska Belyaeva
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    Entomologist on the lam
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    Kiska was raised amongst her cousins, Yuliya and Yuri and their parents, after the premature death of her mother in the safety of Tverskaya, under the protection of the Fourth Reich. The family were staunch supporters of the Reich, but despite this, held a dark secret amongst them relating to Kiska's origins. For years, her mother's death was shrouded in mystery, as was her father's. When asked, she was told her father, Petrov, had died as a Stalker, fighting some creature or another. The question of her mother's passing was not so cut and dry, and rarely drew a response from her family. 

    But, as Kiska aged, it became apparent that some things weren't right. Headaches began to plague her and her vision began to lessen. Still, she was brought up with the lessons of her mother in entomology, cultivating mushrooms for the people of her station.  Her mother had been gifted with the practice and had produced even rare mushrooms, such as morels, for her people. While Kiska still has much to learn, she also appears to have a way with the growth of the fungi. 

    Around the age of 17, Kiska's growing blindness had become so obstructive that she couldn't recognize family members by face alone. By 18, it had become too much to hide. As such, the family's matriarch finally confided in Kiska her mother's story. Cancer had taken her, a result of the radiation. The tumors had grown extensively internally, causing a host of issues. They believed that a tumor was responsible for Kiska's blindness. This news didn't sit well with her, understandably. Her left eye had begun to cloud significantly and could be visibly seen as defective, and while her right eye was stronger, it was still quite blurry. With her vision quite obstructed, travel has become a terrifying and even more dangerous experience than for a regular person. But, desperation to escape the Reich unscathed has left her with little options. Kiska fears the Reich more than anything, currently, knowing her weakness has become too apparent to ignore and their stance on weakness being extermination.

    She left without warning, not even telling her family, aiming to join up at Oberon, but was turned away. Now, she is left in the dark, quite literally, and unsure of where to run to, but she runs anyway.

  • Possible Plots

    So many things could happen! Someone affiliated with the Fourth Reich could find her and either fight to exterminate her due to either her running away OR her growing blindness or bring her back to Reich territory to be dealt with. Her family members could be created and there could be a lot of potential turmoil there. 

    Alternately, another station could find her knowledge in entomology useful.


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