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    Semyon was sixteen when WW3 started, far too old to completely acclimtize to the new world below. Saved by the fact he was en route to the airport, beginning a vacation, Semyon never again saw or heard of his family, one he never was too fond of. Much of his early metro-dweller years he spent on the accursed Paveletskaya Station, but remained relatively healthy, minus the complete fallout of hair all over the body. For a long time, he suffered from poverty, and was denied Hanza citizenship like so many others; eventually, he struck a friendship with a Reich petty officer going by Panzer, who began recruiting him for minor tasks, which then grew into full-blown Stalker missions to the surface - a place that Semyon sorely missed. After the flooding of the Reich, Semyon became homeless again and eager for work, able to bring his Stalker skills to the table of a potential employer. 

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    I have scant ideas for now. What I'd absolutely love to do are collaborative Stalker missions, or exploration of cut-off line segments in the extreme ends of the Metro - places one can fill with their own imagination. If push comes to shove, this guy can do a lot of shady work, though he prefers not to. The main thing now is that he's homeless and pennyless. 

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