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    Aleksei was born shortly before WWIII, when he lost his father to the bombs. His mother barely got herself, Aleksei, and his brother in, but his father wasn't so lucky. Once Aleksei, his brother, and his mother got in, they stopped anyone from going in. Aleksei looked back to his father, trying to pry the hands on his collar away, and get to his sons. His mother cared for the two boys, until tuberculosis took her life. His mother couldn't quit smoking, she just couldn't. He was 14 at the time of his mother's death, easily capable of fending for himself. His mother couldn't quit smoking, she just couldn't. All Aleksei could do was steal food, tea, and more during his fight to stay alive. When he turned 18, he bought himself a hazard suit, and escaped to the surface. When he came back down, he was different. He wasn't a thieving little boy anymore. He sold the stuff he got from the surface and got himself a Kalashnikov and Lolife. He got an offer, from an old man. To get his daughter's teddy bear. His daughter was 32 now, but he wanted the teddy bear as a present for her next birthday. Aleksei went up to the surface, and trudged through snow, blood, and dirt to get to the house the three people stayed in. When he came back down, the old man's smile lit up most of the station, causing Aleksei to think even more, and cause himself to take more jobs for money, and even did some for the famous Rangers of The Order.

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